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Wants To Learn How To Judge Rats; Wants To Show; Texas Shows; Goal To Show

By Karen Robbins

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Wants To Learn How To Judge Rats

Bobbie Sue Peno, PA, e-mail
QIf you have any info to help me on judging, that would be great.

AJudging rats is an approximately 2 year very detailed hands-on process that requires the trainee to attend shows and training sessions. They must start out by learning how to clerk and steward a show and how a show operates before they can apply to become a judge. They must also have at least 2 current consecutive years of practical breeding experience of rats or mice, have exhibited in at least one-half of the shows in the past 2 years, and have been a member of AFRMA for the same 2 year period prior to application. Judges need to have the experience as breeders/exhibitors, and be thoroughly knowledgeable about the standards of all type of rats or mice, are expected to have bred and exhibited rats or mice of quality, and should possess a good eye which is necessary to evaluate the competition. We also take into account the manner in which an applicant’s rats or mice are housed and cared for.

We have the Official Rat Standards page which shows good examples of each point of the standard. For the various colors and markings, go to the Fancy Rats page and choose which section you would like to look at to see the page with the photos of each standardized rat. It does take practice and seeing the animals and colors in person to really learn what the ideal should be as well as the faults. Looking at colors on computer monitors can’t be trusted for them being the correct shade as each monitor is different in how it’s adjusted.

Wants To Show

Lauren Kane, Highland, CA, Facebook
QI want to show my Hairless! How can I be notified of the next show so that I can prepare and such? I read something about a mailing list but was unable to find one. And, is it free to attend a show just to see how it works?

AYou can e-mail us to be added to our our e-mail list to receive the show announcement. The information is also posted on the web site about 3 weeks prior to the show. You can visit the Show Info page on our web site and read the various articles in the meantime.

Yes, our shows at the Woodcrest Community Center are free to attend and you are very welcome to come to the show to visit and ask questions! Hope to see you there!

Texas Shows

Jaide Neuling, Facebook
QI really would like shows in Texas! Is there any way I/we can start this?

AThere have been several clubs in Texas over the years so there has been the interest in that state to have a formal group there. To start, you can read the articles on our web site on starting a club, putting on a display, and the information on AFRMA Affiliations in the Starting A Club section on the Show Information page to help you get something going. There are several breeders in Texas (both rat and mouse), so perhaps you can all get together to get something started.

Goal To Show

Blue Rats Tail Rattery, Riverside, CA, Facebook
QMy goal is to show some day!

APet classes and the Evaluation class are good places to get started showing—Pet Classes for the fun aspects (the rats are just judged on their personalities); the Eval Class to get an idea of where you are in your breeding program and what improvements need to be made. With this class you can ask the judge lots of questions about that particular type you are working on as well as breeding and showing questions related to them. We encourage everyone within southern CA that breeds to come to the shows, ask questions, and show their critters. The judges are very willing to answer questions and give advice (in between classes or after judging) but can’t help you if you don’t ask!

We look forward to seeing you at future shows! *

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July 10, 2015