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This article is from the WSSF 2014 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Getting Shows In Canada; Becoming A Registered Breeder Of Hamsters

By Karen Robbins

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Getting Shows In Canada

Melissa Crew, Ontario, Canada, Facebook
QMy name is Melissa, and I am a hobby rat breeder in Ontario, Canada. I was just wondering if there was any possible way to start having shows in Canada or at least someone get in touch with me to teach me how to judge, so that I can start rat shows in Canada—all rat shows seem to be in the states.

AYes, having shows in Canada would be great! See our series of articles on getting something started in the Start A Club section of our Show Info pages. There is a club in Ontario, Canada, the Ontario Rattery Club—don’t know if you were aware of them. Perhaps you could work with them on getting shows started there.

In regards to judging, seeing the animals in person is the best way to learn as most things can’t be learned by photos, such as feel of the body, condition, etc., along with some of the colors/coats. We do have our Rat Type Issues and AFRMA Official Rat Standard pages with photos that can be a start in learning. Also, read the articles: Type, Type Question: Square Butts on Rats, and On The Show Bench: What is Condition?

Depending on where you are in Ontario, since part of Ontario, Canada, is near Michigan, U.S.A., you might try attending the shows put on by the American Rat Club (holds their shows in Michigan) to be able to see show rats in person and talk to judges at a show.

If you wanted an AFRMA judge to come there to teach you judging and help you get shows started, your group would need to pay the expenses to get them there. See the Note AFRMA Shows in other areas for ideas. We’d love to come and help you out!

Becoming A Registered Breeder Of Hamsters

Pola, Switzerland, e-mail
QI want to be an official breeder of hamsters. I have actually my personal selection of hamsters but in Switzerland we haven’t club and association of hamsters. Please help me to be a good breeder and take my inscription to your club.

If I understand, I must go to your website AFRMA and make registration? I must write there and send you back?

Thank you for all information and understanding.

AYou will be pleased to know there are several clubs that are for hamsters or include hamsters in what they do:

We have several articles on starting a club (see the Start A Club Section on the Show Info pages on our web site) if you were interested in starting a Hamster Club in Switzerland (also, the above clubs that are closer to you should be able to help).

Since we are a rat and mouse club, we can’t help with specific questions on hamsters but you can contact the California Hamster Association or one of the other clubs that include hamsters and they should be able to help you.

AFRMA’s Registered Breeders are for rat and mouse breeders.

If you want to join AFRMA, then yes, go to the Membership page. We have an online application you can fill out and submit payment with PayPal. The Breeder’s Listing that you refer to may not help you much since you are in Switzerland. You might find advertising with clubs closer to you would benefit you more in selling your stock. *

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July 13, 2017