Large Aquarium Set-ups for Rats
Photos are from AFRMA Displays where we use various large aquariums to show the public the rats.
Aquariums prevent the public from poking their fingers in at the rats and give an obstructed view.

30-gallon with hammock
A 30-gallon tank set-up with 4 young males at one of our indoor 3-day displays. This has a hammock, a plastic igloo house, and a cardboard box for another house/chew toy. The hammock is attached with zip ties to the wire in the lid. For home use you would make loops with the zip ties through a sturdy wire lid and use hooks on the zip ties to hang the hammock from so it can be changed every couple days for washing.
40-gallon with toy house
A 40-gallon tank set up showing off some rescue rats up for adoption at one of our 3-day displays. This has a kids Ninja Turtle toy/house and tube, along with a ladder (going up to the wire feeder/water bottle holder).
40-gallon set up
A 40-gallon tank set up showing off female rats at one of our fair displays (held outdoors under a tent). This has a large 13-inch custom-made wheel that is zip-tied through the screen lid around 2 wooden braces to support the weight of the wheel and rats. This has a hanging bird foraging toy (hanging from a zip tie) that you put small treats into and the rats reach through the small hole next to the base to get a piece out. The house is a plastic pretzel container so the public can see the rats when they are in the house. The large wire feeder/water bottle holder holds lots of food and two 16-oz water bottles. We wrap a paper bag around part of the tank to cut down on the glare and light going into the cage.
40-gallon set up
The 40-gallon tank set up with three females using the 13-inch custom-made wheel. You can see how the wheel is attached to the wooden braces. You can also use the wooden braces to hang other things like hammocks, wooden toys, rope ladder/perch, etc.
40-gallon set up
The 40-gallon tank set up showing off female rats at an indoor 3-day display. You can see the hanging bird foraging toy in use with the Hairless getting a treat out of the hole in the base. The wheel is a small one that is just twist-tied to the lid (this size is suitable for young rats only). For home use, rats should have an 11-inch wheel minimum size.
40-gallon set up
The 40-gallon tank set up at a fair display with one of the females using the 9-inch wheel.

February 21, 2012

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