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This article is from the Fall 2002 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Miscarriage Mouse

By Helen Pembrook

Demetri, e-mail
QI think that my female mouse is pregnant. I saw the white waxy plug in her vagina after intercourse with my male, so I know they went all the way, but how do I know if she is still pregnant, or if she had a miscarriage like they described in the book? Also, tomorrow is her due date if she is really pregnant. Suddenly she came out of her house, and she is quivering (shaking) and favoring one foot (she walks on three feet). Is there something wrong?We haven’t held her anytime lately (within I’d say a week and we have not been touching her). Is this maybe a reaction to her delivering soon? Thank you.

Update: Shortly after I noticed she was having a miscarriage, and my other male mouse has bred with her now.

ASorry, we haven’t heard of this type of problem. You should have your vet check it out. If she seems to have problems then maybe you shouldn’t attempt to breed her again. Since she has bred with your other male, separate the female from the male immediately and hope she survives her second pregnancy. If she does, then take the boy kids out at 4 weeks and not after and never breed her again. *

August 4, 2014