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This article is from the July–October 1993 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Banded Rats; Making Cinnamon Rats
Banded Rats

Jean Eirich, Orange, CA
Here is photo of my Dutch rat, with his mom, that I am working on—complete with a small white spot on his forehead. As you can see he needs some work. I have recently bred him back to his mother (to fatten up the band) and to his sister who has a band that is partially broken. This will give me an idea of what I am up against in obtaining a good quality Banded rat. Does anyone else out there have anything close to this? I would be interested to find out. I’ll keep you posted on my results.


Making Cinnamon Rats

Tina Good, Phoenix, AZ
Q Ok, if Fawn and Black make Agouti, will Amber and Champagne make Cinnamon? Or would Amber/Black or Amber/Beige or Fawn/Beige make Cinnamon?

A Fawn/Beige should get you all Fawn and Beige; breeding two pink-eyed rats (Amber and Champagne) will only get you more pink-eyed rats. The best bet would be to take a Lilac and cross with an Agouti. That’s how I made my first Cinnamons—by crossing a Lilac with an Agouti, then taking the F1 and breeding together. A good cross for Cinnamon is Lilac. If you cross a Cinnamon with an Agouti, you will only get Cinnamon if the Agouti carries chocolate [Note: if the Cinnamon is Chocolate Agouti rather than Lilac/Mink Agouti]. See the M/J85:9, S/O85:22, or the J/A89:18 issues for more information. Karen Robbins *

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