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AFRMA Show Entry Information

The entry form will automatically send an e-mail to the Show Secretary
with your entries.

All exhibitors are to assume liability and responsibility to research the many zoonotic and other diseases that rodents may carry and pass on to humans or other rodents. You are showing at your own risk. [Added October 14, 2017]

Any new animals you bring into your rattery/mousery must go through a minimum 12-week quarantine period before being entered in a show. [Effective September 15, 2018]

Breeders should be testing new stock brought in as some diseases have no symptoms.

Animals are NOT to be handled at the shows other than by the owner, health checkers, and judges.

You will only be allowed to submit your entries once, so please do not submit your entries until you know you have everyone correct. You may send in as many pages and as many forms (Show & Pet) of entries as you need when you do submit them. Deadline to enter is 6 p.m. the Wednesday before the show. Substitutions are to be done the morning of the show.

Please read the Show Schedule so you have all the information to enter correctly. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to read the entire Show Schedule and know the rules.

Exhibitor/Seller’s Form All exhibitors/sellers must submit this form prior to/with entry. (use as many pages/forms as needed; PDF; form interactive so can fill in then send as an e-mail attachment in the PDF) – pic of envelope on top Send file as email attachment, or save the PDF file after you’ve filled in all the information and go to your e-mail and attach that saved file to an e-mail and send to us; if your Internet browser does not use Acrobat to view PDFs, download Adobe Acrobat to your computer, open the form in your browser and save the form, then open the form in Acrobat on your computer and fill out and send using the above instructions) [Added October 14, 2017]

Don’t forget—Check in/Health Check is between 9:30–10:30 a.m. ONLY. Don’t be late! Judging begins at 11. Animals are to be brought in individual solid-sided carriers.

Questions: If you have any questions about a certain color or class an animal should be in, make a note on your entries to have someone look at the animal the day of the show. Please fill in the name or number and what information you do know about the animal on the entry blank ahead of time or we will not be able to accept the entry.

Birth dates: Include birth dates on all your entries, not just on kittens (list the date in the birth date column). [Amended December 6, 2014]

EVAL Class: EVALs are now done anytime by appointment, not at the shows. For more information see the Evaluations section on the Classes page.

Help: If you need help filling out your entry form, let the Show Secretary know ( We are here to help!

Sale Animals: You must be signed up to sell and paid for by the show deadline. E-mail a list of what you have for sale (including pre-sold) prior to the show along with copies of pedigrees/birth certificates to the Show Secretary (; present copies of the pedigrees/birth certificates to the Health Checkers at the show. See the Seller’s Guide for more details. All animals/items for sale MUST be inside on the Sales Tables. Sales/delivery outside the building is NOT allowed. NOTE: Sales permit fee is $10 day/$30 yearly. Sale animals should not have anyone handle them other than people serious about buying them.

Entry Fees/Show Box Fees: Entry fees are $2 each for member/$3 each for non-members; Show Boxes are $2 each to rent for the day (rent 1 box per animal).

TOTALS: On the FINAL page/form you send, please list the GRAND TOTAL of Entries/Rent Boxes/Sales Sticker and Total Amount Due for ALL your pages/forms. If submitting more than one page/form, just choose Method of Payment (PayPal or Money Order) in this section to be able to Send that page. Craig has added calculations to the amounts so all you have to do is put in number of entries (member or non-member), number of show boxes, and any member sales stickers, and the totals will automatically calculate for you!

Payment of Entries: Payment for all entries must be received by the deadline. You will have 2 options to make your payment—PayPal or money order (money order only if you submit your entries and send the payment at least a week before the deadline–mail to AFRMA, 9230 64th Street, Riverside, CA 92509-5924).

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Make sure if you have Multi-Variety rats, to choose Multi-Variety in the Variety column as well as the description in the Multi-Variety Description column.

Updated September 18, 2018