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2018, Volume 35
Win-Spr 2018
Win-Spr 2018
New Stud Names. Vet Referrals. Small vs. Large Litters. Beginners’ Corner–Scientific Names of Rat Varieties; World’s Fattest Mouse. Weighing In. Medical–E. Coli Rat Death. Colors & Coats–Mouse ID: Color of Fawn Mouse. Critter Critiques–Rescue™ Cleaner Review. Shows & More–History of The Fancy, Continued: Clubs In The U.S. 1890. Breeding & Stuff–Orphaned Wild Baby Mouse Won’t Eat. Colors & Coats–D’Argent? Litter vs. Frosted. Beginners’ Corner–Cut The Stink: Using Plants and Paint. AFRMA Display–2018 America’s Family Pet Expo. Medical–Broken Hearts. Heart Disease In Wild Rats. AFRMA Display–2018 Duck Daze. Shows & More–Terminology In The Rat Fancy. Rats and Mice Around the World–Ceský klub chovatelu myší (CKCM)(Czech Mouse Breeders Club). Color Me page. Rat Vaginal Plug. Critter Critiques–Love Mash™ Review. Colors & Coats–What Type of Marking Odd-Eye Rex Dumbo Rat; Wants Masked Rats; Rat With White Crown; Patched Rat. Highlights from the 2018 Board Meeting. In Memory: Debbie Ducommun. AFRMA Web News. Breeder’s Directory. Announcements, Ascensions, Arrivals. Show Reports. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2018 Rat. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2018 Mouse. 2018 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. 2018 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. Club Listings For Show Locations; Looking For Breeders Near You; Looking For Rescues Near You; Starting A Club; AFRMA Shows In Other Locations.

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