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AFRMA Show Results for 1992 Mice
January 11: 45 entries
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Best In Show (30)B249Black Self StandardTroya Duncanson
Standard (11)B249Black SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (6)B249BlackTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)X282Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
AOC (4)T241English GoldTroya Duncanson
Satin (4)X374P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (3)X374P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)AM458Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (7)AM477P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)AM477P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (3)AM393Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
AOC (2)AM199HimalayanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (3)AM383Himalayan AOCTroya Duncanson
Self (2)AM376FawnTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)AM383HimalayanTroya Duncanson
Frlzzia Satin (5)AM436Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)AM381P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (4)AM436Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (4)BF405Reverse Siamese SatinTroya Duncanson
English (7)T241Argente StandardTroya Duncanson
Pet (4)TeddyTina Donelson
March 14: 23 entries
Best In Show (18)RNPEWF-2P.E. White Self StandardNancy Ferris
Standard (10)RNPEWF-2P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Self (6)RNPEWF-2P.E. WhiteNancy Ferris
Tan & Fox (2)X284Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
AOC (2)T432CinnamonTroya Duncanson
Satin (1)BF500P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (4)AM393Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (3)AM477P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)AM393Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (2)KonaBeige SelfDeborah Mapes-Stice
Frizzie Satin (1)AM503P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Pet (5)FrancesAmy Dyck
July 19: 8 entries
Best In Show (6)RN BLKF-2Black Self StandardNancy Ferris
Standard (4)RN BLKF-2Black SelfNancy Ferris
Self (3)RN BLKF-2BlackNancy Ferris
AOC (1)SM LeilaniSiameseDebbie Stice
Satin (1)RA Satin SweetieSiamese AOCDebbie Stice
Long Hair (1)SM SierraSiamese AOCDebbie Stice
Unstd. (1)RN RSF-5Reverse SiameseNancy Ferris
Pet (1)SM HiloDebbie Stice
September 13: 37 entries
Best In Show (32)MMM X654P.E. White Self SatinTroya Duncanson
Standard (15)MMM X702Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Self (4)MMM T670BlackTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (4)MMM X702Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)TD PongoBlack VariegatedDebbie Stice
AOC (6)MMM T667AgoutiTroya Duncanson
Satin (5)MMM X654P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM X654P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM T704Chocolate TanTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MMM ThelmaFawn BrokenTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)AQ AmarettoSiameseDebbie Stice
Long Hair (3)MMM AM679Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (2)MMM AM679Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)SM UaSiameseDeborah Mapes-Stice
Long Hair Satin (5)MMM AM706Fawn BrokenTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM AM662FawnTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM681Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MMM AM706Fawn BrokenTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)MMM AM684HimalayanTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (3)MMM AM641Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM709P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (2)MMM AM641Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Hairless (1)CuddlesJackie Jennings
Unstd. (2)MMM BF618Reverse SiameseTroya Duncanson
Pet (3)MMM JerryTroya Duncanson
November 15: 31 entries
Best In Show (24)MMM NFC877Chocolate Self StandardTroya Duncanson
Standard (12)MMM NFC877Chocolate SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (7)MMM NFC877ChocolateTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM X961Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
AOC (4)MMM AM863AgoutiTroya Duncanson
Satin (2)MMM X854Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM X928P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM X854Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (3)MMM HawkeyeBlack TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM826FawnTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (2)MMM HawkeyeBlack TanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (3)MMM AM802P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM AM802P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM824Chocolate TanTroya Duncanson
Frizzie (2)MMM AM755Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM750P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM755Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (2)MMM AM751Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM747P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM751Chocolate FoxTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (4)MMM S923Black BandedTroya Duncanson
Pet (3)WilliamAmy Dyck

Mouse Stud Names 1992

AQ=Ann Quinn
MMM=Misty Mountain Mice/Troya Duncanson
RN=Rat Nook/Nancy Ferris
SM=Stice’s Mice/Deborah Mapes-Stice
TD=Tina Donnelson

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