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AFRMA Show Results for 1993 Mice
January 16: 43 entries
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Best In Show (24)MMM T867Agouti AOC StandardTroya Duncanson
Standard (12)MMM T867Agouti AOCTroya Duncanson
Self (6)MMM NFC877ChocolateTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (3)KKE935-CChocolate TanAnn Quinn
AOC (3)MMM T867AgoutiTroya Duncanson
Satin (3)MMM AM890P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM AM89OP.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM X854Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (3)MMM HawkeyeBlack TanTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (1)MMM AM68OHimalayan AOCTroya Duncanson
Frizzie (2)MMM AM1008Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM750P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM1008Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (3)MMM AM1009Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM AM1 O06P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM1009Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (2)MHM A29SIBlue Point SiameseAnn Quinn
English (13)MMM T867Agouti AOVTroya Duncanson
Pet (4)WilliamAmy Dyck
March 14: 18 entries
Best In Show (15)MHM A56-TBlack Tan StandardAnn Quinn
Standard (14)MHM A56-TBlack TanAnn Quinn
Self (7)MHM E14-SBlackAnn Quinn
Tan & Fox (3)MHM A56-TBlack TanAnn Quinn
AOC (4)MHM A30-SISiameseAnn Quinn
Satin (1)FrancisChocolate Spotted TanAmy Dyck
Unstd. (1)RN RSF-1Reverse SiameseNancy Ferris
Pet (2)StarBetsy Paradise
May 23: 34 entries
Best In Show (28)MMM AM897Silver Self SatinTroya Duncanson
Standard (13)MMM S952Black SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (5)MMM S952BlackTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (3)MMM T1013Black TanTroya Duncanson
AOC (5)MHM AlexanderSiameseAnn Quinn
Satin (6)MMM AM897Silver SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (3)MMM AM897SilverTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)RN BGSTNF-1Beige FoxNancy Ferris
Marked (2)FrancisChocolate BrokenAmy Dyck
Long Hair (3)MMM AM102OBlack TanTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM102OBlack TanTroya Duncanson
Marked (2)MHM A89-SPSpotted TanAnn Quinn
Long Hair Satin (2)MMM AM1022Himalayan AOCTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MHM A88-SPBlack BrokenAnn Quinn
AOC (1)MMM AM1022Himalayan AOCTroya Duncanson
Frizzie (2)MMM AM1024P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM1024P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM1025Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (1)MMM AM1027Black VariegatedTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (3)MMM BF1028Reverse SiameseTroya Duncanson
Pet (3)RN RSF-6Nancy Ferris
July 9: 18 entries
Best In Show (17)MMM T1042Lilac Tan StandardTroya Duncanson
Standard (7)MMM T1042Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Self (3)MMM B1041BlackTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM T1042Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MMM AM1017Black VariegatedTroya Duncanson
AOC (2)MMM T1043AgoutiTroya Duncanson
Satin (3)MMM AM897Silver SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM AM897SilverTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)DaveChocolate VariegatedTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (2)MMM AM1035Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (2)MMM AM1055P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM1055P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)MMM AM1022HimalayanTroya Duncanson
Frizzie (1)MMM AM1049Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (2)MMM AM1052Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM723P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM1052Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (1)RN RSF-5Reverse SiameseNancy Ferris
September 12: 25 entries
Best In Show (9)MHM A132-SISiamese SatinAnn Quinn
Standard (3)RN BoomerIvory SelfMarie Billingsley
Self (1)RN BoomerIvoryMarie Billingsley
AOC (2)MHM A97-SISSiamese SableAnn Quinn
Satin (4)MHM A132-SISiamese AOCAnn Quinn
Self (1)ChelseaOrangeKris Bryant
Marked (2)MHM A87-SPAgouti Spotted TanAnn Quinn
AOC (1)MHM A132-SISiameseAnn Quinn
Long Hair (1)MHM A125-SISiamese AOCAnn Quinn
Frizzie Satin (1)MHM A140-TLilac TanAnn Quinn
Pet (6)MaxKris Bryant
October 17: 4 entries, PET SHOW
CUTEST MOUSE Adult (1)Oogie La WartJonathan Weisickle
CUTEST MOUSE Youth (3)Danger MouseJoel Shelton
November 14: 15 entries
Best In Show (14)RN BGSTNFF-3Beige Fox SatinNancy Ferris
Standard (4)MMM BF1061P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM BF1061P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MMM D1062Blue DutchTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)MMM T1060AgoutiTroya Duncanson
Satin (4)RN BGSTNFF-3Beige FoxNancy Ferris
Self (2)RN CHOCSTNM-2ChocolateNancy Ferris
Tan & Fox (1)RN BGSTNFF-3Beige FoxNancy Ferris
Marked (1)MMM AM1063Fawn DutchTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (1)MMM AM1066Black SelfTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (3)MMM AM1070Black TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)not best
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM1070Black TanTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)MMM AM1069HimalayanTroya Duncanson
Frizzie (1)MMM AM1071Black SelfTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (1)MMM AM1073Lilac TanTroya Duncanson
Unstd. (1)RN SFXF-2Reverse Siamese FoxNancy Ferris

Mouse Stud Names 1993

KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
MMM=Misty Mountain Mice/Troya Duncanson
MHM=Mile High Mice/Ann Quinn
RN=Rat Nook/Nancy Ferris

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