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AFRMA Show Results for 1994 Mice & Other Classes
January 15: 28 entries
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Best In Show (18)KKE1068-AChocolate Tan SatinChris Villalpando
Standard (6)MMM NFC2001P.E. White SelfTroya Duncanson
Self (2)MMM NFC2001P.E. WhiteTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (2)MMM T2004Chocolate TanTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MMM D2006Blue DutchTroya Duncanson
AOC (1)MHM A184-SISSiamese SableAnn Quinn
Satin (4)KKE1068-AChocolate TanChris Villalpando
Tan & Fox (3)KKE1068-AChocolate TanChris Villalpando
Marked (1)MMM DaveChocolate VariegatedTroya Duncanson
Long Hair (5)MMM AM2011Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (3)MMM AM2011Coffee FoxTroya Duncanson
Marked (1)MHM A161-SPTBlack Spotted TanAnn Quinn
AOC (1)MMM AM2015SiameseTroya Duncanson
Long Hair Satin (2)MMM AM2018Black TanTroya Duncanson
Self (1)MMM AM2016P.E. FawnTroya Duncanson
Tan & Fox (1)MMM AM2018Black TanTroya Duncanson
Frizzie Satin (1)MHM A212-TChampagne TanAnn Quinn
Unstd. (2)MMM BF2022Reverse Siamese FoxTroya Duncanson
English (8)KKE1068-AChocolate Tan SatinChris Villalpando
March 13: 7 entries
Best In Show (4)MHM A218-TLilac Tan Frizzie SatinAnn Quinn
Standard (1)MHM A197-SISiamese AOCAnn Quinn
Long Hair Satin (2)MHM A219-TLilac TanAnn Quinn
Self (1)MHM A220-SFawnAnn Quinn
Tan & Fox (1)MHM A219-TLilac TanAnn Quinn
Frizzie Satin (1)MHM A218-TLilac TanAnn Quinn
Pet (3)BenjiNichole Royer
May 21: 3 entries
Best In Show (3)RN ISTNF-1Ivory Self SatinNancy Ferris
Standard (2)RN PEWF-3P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Satin (1)RN ISTNF-1Ivory SelfNancy Ferns
June 12: 5 entries, PET SHOW
Cutest Mouse Adult (3)#1Lisa Shelton
Cutest Mouse Youth (2)PebblesVanessa Oliva
July 9: 7 entries (0 regular entries)
Pet Adult (2)Dee-oh-geeNichole Royer
Pet Youth (1)MightyMike Bunny
Cutest Mouse Adult (4)Dee oh geeNichole Royer
September 25: 5 entries
Best In Show (3)RN PEWF-4P.E. White Self StandardNancy Ferris
Standard (3)RN PEWF-4P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Pet Adult (2)SilkieGina Hendricks
October 16: 4 entries, PET SHOW
Cutest Mouse Adult (4)CJ ButchJackie Jennings
November 13: 5 entries
Best In Show (3)RN IF-1Ivory Self StandardNancy Ferris
Standard (3)RN IF-1Ivory SelfNancy Ferris
Pet Adult (2)SadieGina Hendricks
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
December 4: 7 entries, Kooky Kontainer Contest (Rats & Mice)
Kooky Kontainer
Adult (5)
Ferris WheelCraig Schumacher
Kooky Kontainer
Youth (2)
Gingerbread HouseKelli Carson

Mouse Stud Names 1994

CJ=Crystal Jack/Jackie Jennings
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
MHM=Mile High Mice/Ann Quinn
MMM=Misty Mountain Mice/Troya Duncanson
RN=Rat Nook/Nancy Ferris

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