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AFRMA Show Results for 1999 Mice & Other Classes
January 16: 54 entries
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Best In Show (25)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Standard (16)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Self (9)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. WhiteNancy Ferris
Tan & Fox (1)MM ArletChocolate TanMorgan Hartley
AOCP (6)KKSplishSplashedGina Hendricks
Satin (4)RN120298FSTN-2P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Long Hair Satin (4)Christison’s SmokeySilver SelfSharmaine Christison
Frizzie (1)MM BarklayArgente AOCHelen Pembrook
Kitten (4)Terra Seco TG201E ElisBlack Self Std.Terri Griffin
Unstd. (6)MM Asa RoanBlack Broken MerleHelen Pembrook
English (8)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Most Matched Pair (2)RN120298FSTD-1 & RN120298FSTD-2P.E. White Self Stds.Nancy Ferris
Progeny: Get of Sire (1)Sire: KKE1613-AP.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Stud Buck (2)KKE1613-AP.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Youth (1)MM ArletChocolate Tan Std.Morgan Hartley
Pet Adult (5)Tarot’s Rock’n ’N’ Roll’n Nichole Royer
February 13 PET SHOW: 4 entries
Costume Theme Youth (1)TTRM ConversationHeartsApril Waldrop
Cutest Youth (2)TTRM Sweetie Pie April Waldrop
Pet Youth (1)Chris Rebecca Christison
March 13: 31 entries
Best In Show (17)Tarot’s B-Bop’nRed Dilute Brindle Std.Nichole Royer
Standard (6)Tarot’s B-Bop’nRed Dilute BrindleNichole Royer
Self (1)RN SnowflakeP.E. WhiteGina Hendricks
AOCP (5)Tarot’s B-Bop’nRed Dilute BrindleNichole Royer
Satin (4)KKES1646-B I Wana Be
 A Noni Mouse Too
P.E. White SelfNichole Royer
Long Hair Satin (2)MM BayardBeige SelfHelen Pembrook
FR/FRS (2)MM BaxterP.E. White SelfHelen Pembrook
Hairless (3)LM CurliettaP.E. SelfGina Hendricks
Unstd. (6)FP AndsiaBlack Merle Std.Linda Sinclair
Kitten (2)TTRM Silky 2Beige Fox SatinApril Waldrop
Pet Adult (6)TTRM Big Boy April Waldrop
April 17: 1 entry
Pet Youth (1)MM Dove April Waldrop
May 15: 47 entries
Best In Show (21)KKES1665-AP.E. White Self SatinKaren Robbins
Standard (14)KKE1662-AChocolate TanKaren Robbins
Self (9)KKE1687-AP.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (3)KKE1662-AChocolate TanKaren Robbins
AOCP (2)KK1631-ASeal Point SiameseKaren Robbins
Satin (3)KKES1665-AP.E. White SelfKaren Robbins
Long Hair Satin (2)MM BooneSilver SelfBronwyn Larkins
FR/FRS (2)JoshBlue Self FRSBronwyn Larkins
Unstd. (3)CurtBeige Merle Std.Bronwyn Larkins
Kitten (14)KKE1696-1P.E. White Self Std.Karen Robbins
American (2)ChippyBrindle SatinRuth Phillips
Most Matched Pair (2)KKE1687-A & KKE1687-BP.E. White Self Stds.Karen Robbins
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Dam: KKE1664-2P.E. White Self Std.Karen Robbins
Stud Buck (4)KKE1622-AChocolate Tan Std.Karen Robbins
July 24: 25 entries
Best In Show (12)MM DeliaBlack Self Std.Helen Pembrook
Standard (5)MM DeliaBlack SelfHelen Pembrook
Self (1)MM DeliaBlackHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (1)Tarot’s Surprise SurpriseBeige FoxNichole Royer
AOCP (3)Tarot’s SunquestRed BrindleNichole Royer
Satin (1)MM DaffodilP.E. White SelfHelen Pembrook
AOV (6)BlondieArgente Frizzie LHBronwyn Larkins
Unstd. (6)MM DaraChoc. Broken MerleHelen Pembrook
American (2)MM BaxterP.E. White FRSNichole Royer
Progeny: Get of Sire (1)Sire: My BoyBlack Long Hair SatinBronwyn Larkins
Stud Buck (1)Tarot’s Hip-Hop’nFawn Brindle Std.Nichole Royer
Cutest Adult (1)MM Baxter Nichole Royer
Friendliest Adult (1)Tarot’s White Out Nichole Royer
Pet Adult (1)Tarot’s White Out Nichole Royer
August 29: 35 entries
Best In Show (17)KK1659-2Blue Pt. Siamese Std.Karen Robbins
Standard (10)KK1659-2Blue Pt. SiameseKaren Robbins
Self (1)RN SnowballP.E. WhiteGina Hendricks
Tan & Fox (5)KKE1681-ALilac TanKaren Robbins
AOCP (4)KK1659-2Blue Pt. SiameseKaren Robbins
Satin (6)KKS1702-1Black SelfKaren Robbins
Self (4)KKS1702-1BlackKaren Robbins
AOCP (2)KKS1711-ABlue Pt. SiameseKaren Robbins
Hairless (1)InkisPinkGina Hendricks
Unstd. (7)KK1673-1Blue Pt. Himi Std.Karen Robbins
American (1)WinkChinchilla AOC Std.Ruth Phillips
Most Matched Pair (1)KKS1702-1 & KKS1702-2Black Self SatinsKaren Robbins
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Dam: TTRM ToastedSilver Fox Std.April Waldrop
Stud Buck (3)KKS1702-ABlack Self SatinKaren Robbins
Pet Adult (5)TTRM Angel April Waldrop
October 30: 26 entries
Best In Show (14)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Standard (10)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Self (2)RN120298FSTD-1P.E. WhiteNancy Ferris
Tan & Fox (1)Tarot’s ChocoholicChocolate TanNichole Royer
Marked (6)RR AprilBlack Broken MerleBronwyn Larkins
AOCP (1)KK1719-A BrettSplashedHelen Pembrook
Satin (1)Tarot’s CharityChocolate TanNichole Royer
Long Hair Satin (1)MM BrandonSilver TanHelen Pembrook
Frizzie (1)RR CharlieArgente AOCBronwyn Larkins
Frizzie Satin (1)RR CloudyP.E. White SelfBronwyn Larkins
Kitten (4)Tarot’s Du-Wap’nBrindle Std.Nichole Royer
Stud Buck (1)RN 4-25-99 STDMP.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Youth (1)DobeyBlack Tan Std.Blake Edward Turner
Pet Adult (5)RN SnowballP.E. White Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Pet Youth (1)Cinnamon Marissa Florez
December 4 PET SHOW: 13 entries
Cutest Adult (3)TTRM Piccaso April Waldrop
Friendliest Adult (2)RN SnowballP.E. White Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Most Matched Pair Adult (1)Nickeless & Pennyless Linda Sinclair
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)TTRM Piccaso April Waldrop
Pet Adult (5)Zusie Linda Sinclair
Stud Buck Adult (1)RN SnowballP.E. White Self Std.Gina Hendricks
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
February 13: 6 entries
Drawings/Paintings Adult (2)I “Chews” You To Be My Valentine Lorryta Bowker
Drawings/Paintings Youth 7–12 (1)(no name) Max Wing
Artwork 3-D Adult (1)Candy Cane Snow Rat Gina Hendricks
Kooky Kontainer Adult (2)“Sees Candy” Gina Hendricks
October 30 COSTUME CLASSES: 75 entries
Most Colorful Adult (2)Poma/Kuna (cavy)trick-or-treat bagsMichelle Collie
Most Colorful Youth (7)Jasper (bunny)clownsDerrick Baker
Most Creative Adult (3)LM Snuffy (rat)ScotsmenShane Larkins
Most Creative Youth (15)Whiskers (rat)crowNicholas Hynes
Dress Alike Adult (4)LM Snuffy (rat)ScotsmenShane Larkins
Dress Alike Youth (16)Cee Cee (bunny)cheer leadersAmanda Bloom
Judge’s Choice Adult (3)Drusilla, Gismo, Sparky (cavies)Dorothy & Wizard of Oz Michelle Mills
Judge’s Choice Youth (9)Molly (bunny)cowgirlsSarah Peterson
Scariest Adult (1)Spunky (rat)ghostGina Hendricks
Scariest Youth (6)Steven (cavy)head hunterEric Mendoza
Most Unusual Youth (9) PePe Le Peu (cavy)skunkSandra Holland
December 4: 2 entries
Best Decorated Table Adult (2)  Linda Sinclair

Mouse Stud Names 1999

BMR=Blue Moon Rats/Carissa Cosley
BSR=Blue Shuze Rodentry/Carol Lawton
CC=Cal Cobbies/Lori Wuebker
C.J.’s Nest=C.J. Jackson
DK=Doug’s Kritters/Doug Hankinson
DS=David Safe, England
FF=Fitzgerald’s Fancy’s/Roxanne Fitzgerald
FP=Fur People/Linda Sinclair
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
LM=Lil’ Munchkins/Gina Hendricks
MM=Moon Mice/Helen Pembrook
MM=Meg’s Mice/Meg Hurley
Rad. Rod. or RR*=Radical Rodent/Christian Diaz
RN=Rat & Mouse Nook/Nancy Ferris
RR=Rampant Rodent/Bronwyn Larkins
RRC=Romeo’s Rat Crew/Casey Gigliotti
SMRM=Sequoias Mt. Rats & Mice/Michelle Collie
TD=Turnbaugh Design Mousery/Julie Turnbaugh
TR or Tarot=Tarot Rats/Nichole Royer
Terra Seco=Terri Griffin
TS=Tina Shahroody
TTRM=Tiny Toes Rats & Mice/Richel & April Waldrop
VRMN=Viking Rat & Mouse Nest/Helen Pembrook
YMH=Yukon’s Mouse House/Casey Gigliotti

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