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AFRMA Show Results for 2000 Mice & Other Classes
January 22 ANNUAL SHOW: 45 entries
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Best In Show (30)KKE1761-BBeige Self Std.Karen Robbins
Standard (15)KKE1761-BBeige SelfKaren Robbins
Self (2)KKE1761-BBeigeKaren Robbins
Marked (5)RR JennyBlack Broken MerleBronwyn Larkins
AOCP (8)KK1736-CBlue Pt. SiameseKaren Robbins
Satin (6)RN Not A Noni MouseP.E. White SelfNichole Royer
Self (5)RN Not A Noni MouseP.E. WhiteNichole Royer
Tan & Fox (1)Tarot’s CharityBeige FoxNichole Royer
Long Hair Satin (7)MM BrianChocolate SelfHelen Pembrook
Self (6)MM BrianChocolateHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (1)MM BriceChocolate TanHelen Pembrook
AOV (2)CottonP.E. White Self FRBronwyn Larkins
Unstd. (1)Burneshed EmberSable SatinLinda Sinclair
Kitten (3)Tarot’s K-1B.E. White Self Std.Nichole Royer
English (2)KKE1761-BBeige Self Std.Karen Robbins
Most Matched Pair (1)Kyber Rouge & Moulana RougeRed Self SatinsLinda Sinclair
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Sire: Rouge MoogRed Self SatinLinda Sinclair
Stud Buck (4)KKE1761-BBeige Self Std.Karen Robbins
Pet Adult (3)Tarot’s Brighton Nichole Royer
February 19 PET SHOW: 11 entries
Cutest Adult (3)Tarot’s Bailey Nichole Royer
Friendliest Adult (3)Tarot’s Brighton Nichole Royer
Most Matched Pair Adult (1)RN102599STNF-1 &
P.E. White Self SatinsNancy Ferris
Pet Adult (3)RN SnowballP.E. White Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Stud Buck Adult(1)RN42599STNM-1P.E. White Self SatinNancy Ferris
March 18: 24 entries
Best In Show (12)KKS1816-1 MykaBlue Self SatinNichole Royer
Standard (7)KKE1761-B BromleyBeige SelfHelen Pembrook
Self (2)KKE1761-B BromleyBeigeHelen Pembrook
Marked (3)RR MerliBroken MarkedGina Hendricks
AOCP (2)Tarot’s SunspeckBrindleNichole Royer
Satin (3)KKS1816-1 MykaBlue SelfNichole Royer
AOV (2)TR Nothin’ But SpiceBrindle LH FRCourtney Hensman-Goss
Unstd. (1)MM DevinCrested (Choc. Tan LHS)Helen Pembrook
Kitten (5)RR Laines LilaLilac Self FRSBronwyn Larkins
American (2)CasperB.E. White Self Std.Nichole Royer
Pet Adult (2)Buster Nichole Royer
Pet Youth (2)TR Nothin’ But Spice Courtney Hensman-Goss
April 8: 31 entries
Best In Show (9)RN42599STDM-1P.E. White Self Std.Nancy Ferris
Standard (4)RN42599STDM-1P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Self (2)RN42599STDM-1P.E. WhiteNancy Ferris
AOCP (2)MM SplisheySplashedGina Hendricks
Satin (5)RN42599STNM-1P.E. White SelfNancy Ferris
Self (5)RN42599STNM-1P.E. WhiteNancy Ferris
Kitten (12)MMW7P.E. White Self Std.Helen Pembrook
Most Matched Pair (2)RN102599F1 & RN102599F2P.E. White Self SatinsNancy Ferris
Progeny: Get of Sire (1)Sire: RN42599STNM-1P.E. White Self SatinNancy Ferris
Stud Buck (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
Youth (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
Pet Adult (3)RN Not A Noni Mouse Nichole Royer
Pet Youth (2)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abbey Matsen
May 13: 23 entries
Best In Show (11)KKE1808-AP.E. White Self Std.Karen Robbins
Standard (6)KKE1808-AP.E. White SelfKaren Robbins
Self (2)KKE1808-AP.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (1)KKE1848-ABeige FoxKaren Robbins
AOCP (3)KK1798-AChoc. SplashedKaren Robbins
Satin (4)KKES1831-CLilac SelfKaren Robbins
Frizzie Satin (1)not first/best  
Kitten (1)TR1Brindle FrizzieShanda Mertens
Stud Buck (8)KKES1829-BChoc. Self SatinKaren Robbins
Youth (2)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
Pet Youth (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
June 24: 22 entries
Best In Show (9)KK1850-ASeal Pt. Siamese Std.Karen Robbins
Standard (5)KK1850-ASeal Pt. Siam. AOCPKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (1)KK1837-CChoc. Splashed T/FKaren Robbins
AOCP (4)KK1850-ASeal Point SiameseKaren Robbins
Satin (3)KKS1858-ESeal Pt. Siam. AOCPKaren Robbins
FRS (1)TR Friz Shanda Mertens
Most Matched Pair (1)KKS1858-D & KKS1858-ESeal Pt. Siam. SatinsKaren Robbins
Stud Buck (5)KK1837-CChoc. Splashed T/FKaren Robbins
Youth (3)KK1862-5Seal Pt. Siam. Std.Shanda Mertens
Pet Adult (1)KK1798-A Splashey Gina Hendricks
Pet Youth (3)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
July 29: 66 entries
Best In Show (29)KKS1816-4Himi AOCP SatinKaren Robbins
Standard (15)KK1862-2Himalayan AOCPKaren Robbins
Self (4)KKE1845-2P.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (4)KKE1861-BLilac TanKaren Robbins
AOCP (7)KK1862-2HimalayanKaren Robbins
Satin (12)KKS1816-4Himalayan AOCPKaren Robbins
Self (5)KKS1797-1BlackKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (1)KKES1856-ALilac TanKaren Robbins
AOCP (6)KKS1816-4HimalayanKaren Robbins
AOV (2)Tarot’s TexBrindle FrizzieNichole Royer
Kitten (3)Tarot’s Baby Mouse 1P.E. White Self SatinNichole Royer
Most Matched Pair (1)KKS1858-1 & KKS1858-2Seal Pt. Siam. SatinsKaren Robbins
Progeny: Get of Sire (1)Sire: KK1798-A SplasheySplashed AOCP Std.Gina Hendricks
Progeny: Produce of Dam (2)Dam: KKS1816-2Seal Pt. Siam. SatinKaren Robbins
Stud Buck (5)KK1823-ASplashed AOCP Std.Karen Robbins
Youth (4)Tarot’s DaisyP.E. White Self SatinShanda Mertens
Cutest Adult (3)Tarot’s Tex Nichole Royer
Cutest Youth (4)TR Midnight Shanda Mertens
Friendliest Adult (2)KK1798-A Splashey Gina Hendricks
Friendliest Youth (4)MM Spot Abby Matsen
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)KK1798-A Splashey Gina Hendricks
Most Unusual Markings Youth (1)MM Spot Abby Matsen
Pet Adult (3)MM Splishey Gina Hendricks
Pet Youth (3)TR Fizz Shanda Mertens
October 13: 13 entries
Best In Show (7)LM SparkletsSplashed Std.Gina Hendricks
Standard (6)LM SparkletsSplashed AOCPGina Hendricks
Self (1)JNM2BeigeJeff Nowell
Marked (1)first but not best  
AOCP (4)LM SparkletsSplashedGina Hendricks
Satin (1)Tarot’s Well SaidP.E. White SelfNichole Royer
Stud Buck (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
Youth (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
Pet Adult (3)Tarot’s Brandy Nichole Royer
Pet Youth (1)MM SpotSplashed AOCP Std.Abby Matsen
November 18 PET SHOW: 0 entries
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
October 7 COSTUME CLASSES: 70 entries
Most Colorful Adult (2)Blue (bunny)scarecrowLinda Pavey
Most Colorful Youth (6)Galixas (bunny)wizardSelinda Smith
Most Creative Adult (2)Brown Eyes (bunny) cheerleaderLinda Pavey
Most Creative Youth (5)Creamy (cavy)the breakfast of championsTessa Parker
Judge’s Choice Adult (2)Stewart 692 (cavy)bookwormRebecca Weaverling
Judge’s Choice Youth (22)Bandit (bunny)flower potMorgan Deards
Dress Alike Youth (16)Magic (bunny)magicianMorgan Deards
Scariest Adult (2)Daisy (rat)witches brewRichel Waldrop
Scariest Youth (7)Lolly (bunny)headless horsemanAmanda Bloom
Most Unusual Adult (2)Stewart 692 (cavy)bookwormRebecca Weaverling
Most Unusual Youth (4)Lizzie (cavy)horseRachel Schaefer

Mouse Stud Names 2000

KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
LM=Lil’ Munchkins/Gina Hendricks
MM=Moon Mice/Helen Pembrook
RN=Rat & Mouse Nook/Nancy Ferris
RR=Rampant Rodents/Bronwyn Larkins
TR or Tarot=Tarot Rats/Nichole Royer

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