American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Results for 2003 Mice & Other Classes
January 18 ANNUAL SHOW: 33 entries
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Best In Show (23)VRMN DustyBeige Self Std.Helen Pembrook
Standard (19)VRMN DustyBeige SelfHelen Pembrook
Self (12)VRMN DustyBeigeHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (6)RR*EXStdSept02-F-ChampTanChamp. TanChristian Diaz
AOCP (1)LM SpiceChocolate SplashedGina Hendricks
Satin (4)RR* One & OnlyBlack TanChristian Diaz
Self (2)RR*EXSatAug02-F-BlaBlack SelfChristian Diaz
Tan & Fox (2)RR* One & OnlyBlack TanChristian Diaz
Unstd. (1)HC Choc CobbieCobbie (Choc. Self Std.)Christian Diaz
Kitten (2)RR*EXStdRR*EXStdDec02-F-BeigFox Beige Fox Std.Christian Diaz
Most Matched Pair (1)RR*EXStdRR*EXStdDec02-F-BeigFox &
Beige Fox Stds.Christian Diaz
Progeny: Produce of Dam (2)Dam: RR* One & OnlyBlack Tan SatinChristian Diaz
Youth (1)RR* One & OnlyBlack Tan SatinChristian Diaz
Pet Adult (3)Rad. Rod. Foxy Gina Hendricks
March 1 PET SHOW: 14 entries
Cutest Adult (4)LM Spock Gina Hendricks
Friendliest Adult (3)Rad. Rod. Beauty Gina Hendricks
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)LM Spock Gina Hendricks
Pet Adult (4)Rad. Rod. Mousse C.J. Jackson
Pet Youth (1)Fancy Zoe Rodriguez
Stud Buck Adult (1)not first/best  
April 5: 19 entries
Best In Show (13)VRMN BellaLilac Tan Std.Gina Hendricks
Standard (9)VRMN BellaLilac TanGina Hendricks
Self (4)VRMN IVB-FIvory SelfHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (3)VRMN BellaLilac TanGina Hendricks
AOCP (2)VRMN LS-FLilac SplashedHelen Pembrook
Satin (4)VRMN Sat-B-FBlack Splashed AOCPHelen Pembrook
Unstd. (2)Mr. CobbCobbie (SPS Std.)Gina Hendricks
Pet Adult (4)VRMN IvyIvory Fox StandardGina Hendricks
May 17: 26 entries
Best In Show (17)VRMN Sat-LS-F(1)Lilac Splashed SatinHelen Pembrook
Standard (13)VRMN IVB-FIvory SelfHelen Pembrook
Self (6)VRMN IVB-FIvory SelfHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (4)VRMN BellaLilac TanGina Hendricks
AOCP (3)VRMN L S F MLilac SplashedHelen Pembrook
Satin (4)VRMN Sat-LS-F(1)Lilac Splashed AOCPHelen Pembrook
Cutest Adult (3)VRMN IvyIvory Fox StandardGina Hendricks
Friendliest Adult (3)VRMN IvyIvory Fox StandardGina Hendricks
Pet Adult (3)VRMN IvyIvory Fox StandardGina Hendricks
July 26: 45 entries
Best In Show (26)KK2125-2Blue Splashed Std.Karen Robbins
Standard (18)KK2125-2Blue Splashed AOCPKaren Robbins
Self (7)KK2088-ABlackKaren Robbins
Tan & Fox (3)Tarot’s DuffBeige FoxNichole Royer
AOCP (8)KK2125-2Blue SplashedKaren Robbins
Satin (8)KKES2153-1P.E. White SelfKaren Robbins
Self (4)KKES2153-1P.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
AOCP (4)KKS2160-1HimalayanKaren Robbins
Kitten (1)Kitten 1Lilac Tan SatinNichole Royer
Most Matched Pair (3)KKES2153-1 & KKES2130-4P.E. White Self SatinsKaren Robbins
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Dam: KK2125-2Blue Splashed Std.Karen Robbins
Stud Buck (1)KK2154-ASilver Self Std.Karen Robbins
Cutest Adult (3)Tarot’s Silver Plated Nichole Royer
Friendliest Adult (3)Tarot’s Silver Plated Nichole Royer
Most Unusual Markings Adult (3)Rad. Rod. Foxy Gina Hendricks
Pet Adult (4)Tarot’s Silver Plated Nichole Royer
October 18: 9 entries
Best In Show (6)VRMN BobLilac Tan Std.Helen Pembrook
Standard (3)VRMN BobVRMN BobHelen Pembrook
Tan & Fox (2)VRMN BobLilac TanHelen Pembrook
AOCP (1)Tarot’s Pale RemarkBeige BrindleNichole Royer
Satin (3)Tarot’s Time BeforeLilac TanNichole Royer
Pet Adult (3)Tarot’s Time Before Nichole Royer
November 22 PET SHOW: 7 entries
Most Matched Pair (2)KK2181-4 & KK2174-1Blue Pt. Himi Stds.Karen Robbins
Unstd. (5)KK2170-2Blue Pt. Himi (Std.)Karen Robbins
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
March 1: 2 entries
Drawings/Paintings Adult (1)Rat Sketches Sarah Cameron
Computer Adult (1)Rat Walk Sarah Cameron
November 22: 6 entries
Drawings/Paintings Adult (4)“Love & Peace” Mayumi Anderson
Drawings/Paintings Youth 7–12 (1)“Tom The Rat” Paloma Berean
Kooky Kontainer Adult (1)RR Sir Finnigan(meatloaf in oven)Sarah Cameron

Mouse Stud Names 2003

KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
LM=Lil’ Munchkins/Gina Hendricks
Rad. Rod. or RR*=Radical Rodent/Christian Diaz
RR=Rampant Rodent/Bronwyn Larkins
TR or Tarot=Tarot Rats/Nichole Royer
VRMN=Viking Rat & Mouse Nest/Helen Pembrook

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