American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Results for 2005 Rats
January 15 ANNUAL SHOW: 67 entries
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Best In Show (25)LM SecretaryBlack Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Standard (21)LM SecretaryBlack SelfGina Hendricks
Self (14)LM SecretaryBlackGina Hendricks
AOC (2)Bii CP050804-BCinnamon PearlMayumi Anderson
Marked (5)CarinaBlue HoodedCindy Maresic
Dumbo (3)CUTY CaelumLilac SelfCindy Maresic
AOV (1)CUTY HeraBeige Hooded RexCindy Maresic
Unstd. (4)CUTY ShimmerRuss. Silver (Self Dumbo)Casey Gigliotti
Kitten (16)Bii 112604GBlack Self Std.Mayumi Anderson
English (3)Bii CP050804-BCinnamon Pearl Std.Mayumi Anderson
Stud Buck (3)Bii CP050804-BCinnamon Pearl Std.Mayumi Anderson
Pet Adult (10)SKR Boris Cindy Maresic
Pet Youth (6)Wiskers Brandon Tate
March 5 COMBO SHOW: 46 entries
Best In Show (8)Bii C/P G11-21-04Cinnamon Pearl AOC Std.Mayumi Anderson
Standard (6)Bii C/PG11-21-04Cinnamon Pearl AOCMayumi Anderson
Self (3)Bii B G10-21-04BlackGina Hendricks
AOC (2)Bii C/PG11-21-04Cinnamon PearlMayumi Anderson
Silvered (1)first but not best  
AOV (2)Tikidark-eyed HairlessTamara Bagnall
Unstd. (3)Bii E B2 1-29-05Agouti Essex Std.Mayumi Anderson
Kitten (4)RRLM Toby ToesAgouti Dumbo RexMary Reardon
Progeny: Get of Sire (1)Sire: Bii ChocB9-23-04Chocolate Self Std.Mayumi Anderson
Most Affectionate Adult (4)LM Citation Gina Hendricks
Biggest Adult (4)RRLM Simon Gina Hendricks
Most Laid Back Adult (3)LM Affirmed Gina Hendricks
Most Matched Pair Adult (1)not first/best  
Most Unusual Markings Adult (4)BFF Aussie Gina Hendricks
Pet Adult (6)LM Affirmed Gina Hendricks
Rat Race Adult (8)VRMN Pansy Gina Hendricks
May 14: 32 entries
Best In Show (15)Tarot’s Simply ButlerRuss. Blue Pt. Siam. Std.Nichole Royer
Standard (7)Tarot’s Simply ButlerRuss. Blue Pt. Siam. Std.Nichole Royer
Self (3)BSR ZuluBlackCasey Gigliotti
AOCP (2)Tarot’s Simply ButlerRuss. Blue Pt. Siam. Std.Nichole Royer
Marked (2)FUZZ CarinaBlue HoodedCindy Maresic
Dumbo (5)RRLM VenusFawn AOCCindy Maresic
Selfnot first/best  
AOCRRLM VenusFawnCindy Maresic
AOCPBSR JaggerSeal Point SiameseCasey Gigliotti
AOV (3)Tarot’s Frankly My DearRuss. Blue Pt. Siam. SatinNichole Royer
Unstd. (1)not first/best  
Kitten (3)FUZZ ZeusBlack Hooded Std.Cindy Maresic
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Dam: LM NolaBlack Self StandardCarol Lawton
Eval (1)NP  
Most Affectionate Adult (1)CUTY Hera Cindy Maresic
Most Laid Back Adult (1)not first/best  
Most Matched Pair Adult (1)J1 & J2 Nicole Peltier
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)BWR Tobin Nicole Peltier
Pet Adult (7)BWR Tobin Nicole Peltier
July 30: 31 entries
Best In Show (13)Bii Pearl G 4-19-05Pearl AOC Std.Mayumi Anderson
Standard (11)Bii Pearl G 4-19-05Pearl AOCMayumi Anderson
Self (8)RRLM SeagramBlackGina Hendricks
AOC (2)Bii Pearl G4-19-05PearlMayumi Anderson
Marked (1)Bii Essex B2-1-05PearlMayumi Anderson
MV (2)RRLM FancyB.E. Pink Hairless DumboGina Hendricks
Kitten (1)Bii SPS B6-10-05Seal Pt. Siamese Std.Mayumi Anderson
Progeny: Produce of Dam (1)Dam: Serendipity DoneshiaBlack Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Stud Buck (1)LM AffirmedBlack Self Std.Gina Hendricks
Most Affectionate Adult (4)RRLM Seagram Gina Hendricks
Biggest Adult (2)Serendipity Doneshia Gina Hendricks
Most Laid Back Adult (4)LM Affirmed Gina Hendricks
Pet Adult (4)RRLM Joy Gina Hendricks
Rat Showmanship Adult (1) 82 pts.LM Affirmed Gina Hendricks
October 8: 57 entries
Best In Show (21)BSR Darth VadorBlack Self StandardCindy Maresic
Standard (15)BSR Darth VadorBlack SelfCindy Maresic
Self (3)BSR Darth VadorBlackCindy Maresic
AOC (4)Bii CPearl B1Cinnamon PearlMayumi Anderson
AOCP (2)CUTY Duncan of FUZZSeal Point SiameseCindy Maresic
Marked (6)CUTY WilleeBlack HoodedCasey Gigliotti
AOV (6)RRLM VenusFawn AOC DumboCindy Maresic
Unstd. (1)first but not best  
Kitten (1)FUZZ CastleBeige Self DumboCindy Maresic
Stud Buck (5)Bii CPearl B1Cinn. Pearl AOC Std.Mayumi Anderson
Most Affectionate Adult (6)FUZZ Zeus Cindy Maresic
Biggest Adult (3)RRLM Toby Toes Mary Reardon
Pet Adult (12)CUTY Ewok Casey Gigliotti
Pet Youth (2)RHRC Groovy Guy Phillip Schafer
Rat Race Adult (7)RRLM Crystal Rose Mary Reardon
November 19 PET SHOW: 30 entries
Best In Show (3)BSR ZuluBlack Self Std.Casey Gigliotti
AOV (3)BSR ZuluBlack SelfCasey Gigliotti
Stud Buck (2)BSR ZuluBlack Self Std.Casey Gigliotti
Eval (1)NP  
Most Affectionate Adult (3)Snowball Art Cuevas
Biggest Adult (4)BSR Zulu Casey Gigliotti
Most Laid Back Adult (3)BSR Jagger Casey Gigliotti
Most Matched Pair (1)not first/best  
Pet Adult (6)Al Art Cuevas
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)Stripe Art Cuevas
Rat Race Adult (6)Smokey Art Cuevas

Rat Stud Names 2005

Bii=Bii Rattery/Mayumi Anderson
BFF=Bonnie’s Friendly Furries/Bonnie Walters
BSR=Blue Shuze Rattery/Carol Lawton
BWR=Black Wolf Rattery/Nicole Peltier
CUTY=Cuddle Tyme Rattery/Casey Gigliotti
FUZZ=Fuzzy Misfits Rattery/Cindy Maresic
LM=Lil’ Munchkins/Gina Hendricks
RHR or RHRC=Rodent Heaven Rattery/Phillip Schafer
RRLM=Ratz Realm/Hilloah Whealser
Serendipity=Paul Threapleton & Sue Foulds, England
SKR=Scaredy Kat Ratz/Sara Alperin
TR or Tarot=Tarot Rats/Nichole Royer
VRMN=Viking Rat & Mouse Nest/Helen Pembrook

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