American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Results for 2018 Mice & Other Classes
January 27 ANNUAL SHOW: 27 entries
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Best In Show (11)OS01 KKEXX4263-3Himalayan AOCP StandardKaren Robbins
Standard (11)OS01 KKEXX4263-3Himalayan AOCPKaren Robbins
Self (5)OS01 KKEXX4255-3P.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
AOCP (6)OS01 KKEXX4263-3HimalayanKaren Robbins
Kitten (3)OS01 KKEXX4313-1Seal Pt. Siamese AOCP Std.Karen Robbins
Breeder’s Group (1)OS01 KKEXX4255-1,
OS01 KKEXX4255-2,
OS01 KKEXX4255-3,
OS01 KKEXX4253-3
Champ., Lilac, PEW, Champ.
Self Stds.
Karen Robbins
Brood Doe (6)OS01 KKEXX4255-3P.E. WhiteKaren Robbins
Most Matched Pair (1)OS01 KKEXX4313-1 &
OS01 KKEXX4313-2
Seal Pt. Siamese AOCP Stds.Karen Robbins
Progeny: Produce of Dam (POD) (1)Dam: OS01 KKEXX4249-2Seal Pt. Siamese AOCP Std.Karen Robbins
Stud Buck (2)OS01 KKEXX4286-AChampagne Self StandardKaren Robbins
English (2)OS01 KKEXX4255-3P.E. White Self StandardKaren Robbins
June 2 SPRING/SUMMER FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 7 entries      Go to FB photos
Best In Show (5)not best  
Standard (5)not best  
Best Pet Adult (2)FAM RampantRed x-Brindle AOCP Std.Rebecca Walters
November 3 FALL FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 6 entries      Go to FB photos
Best In Show (4)not enough entries  
AOV (4)Trillium TR0014-1Seal Point Siamese AOCP StandardLinda von Hanneken
Most Matched Pair (1)Trillium TR0014-1 &
Trillium TR0014-2
Seal Pt. Siamese AOCP Stds.Linda von Hanneken
Best Pet Adult (1)Trillium TR0016-3Lemon Chinchilla Std.Linda von Hanneken
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
June 2 SPRING/SUMMER FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 4 entries      Go to FB photos
3-D Youth (1) Rat sculptureAbbagail Porter
Drawings/Paintings Youth age 7–11 (1) Rat: Rat DrawingTahlia Porter
Drawings/Paintings Youth age 12–17 (1) Rat: Rat DrawingAbbagail Porter
Photos Adult (1)BWR MagnusRat, White, and BlueEsther Kinzer

Mouse Stud Names 2018

BWR=Black Wolf Rattery/Nicole Housel
FAM=Faery Adorabelle Mousery/Brittney Gobble
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
Trillium=Linda von Hanneken

Official Studs/Registered Mouseries

OS01: KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins

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