American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Results for 2022 Online Fun Photo Shows
Spring (April 18) 2022: 11 entries
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)Baby Juniper 
Best Yawn Adult (1)YawnAylett Priest
Cutest Rat Adult (4)Cute TongueAylett Priest
Spring Theme Photo Adult (1)Fern 
Best Blooper Photo Adult (4)Turn Off the LightAylett Priest
Summer (August 8) 2022: 12 entries
Cutest Rat Adult (4)Ren at AttentionCynthia Stuart
Most Unusual Markings Adult (3)Stimpy on the ProwlCynthia Stuart
Cutest Mouse Adult (2)Buster’s BedCynthia Stuart
OTHER (Artwork/General Pet Classes)
Artwork Adult (1)Summer Night PicnicJames Maglina
Kooky Container Adult (1)Stimpy’s ReclinerCynthia Stuart
Best Blooper Adult (1)In Your FaceCynthia Stuart
Fall (October 3) 2022: 35 entries
Cutest Rat Adult (3)Sitting PrettyCynthia Stuart
Cutest Rat Youth (1)I’m Home!Anneliese Fellows
Longest Tail Youth (1)His name is MothSamuel Jack
Best Yawn Adult (1)Daisy’s Big YawnAmelia Clark
Most Unusual Markings Adult (1)Yin-YangAndrea Jack
Most Unusual Markings Youth (1)Motley MoltSarah Jack
Cutest Mouse Adult (3)RB Satin Angora BreakfastKaren Robinson
Biggest Ears Mouse Adult (1)GG Satin Argente EarsKaren Robinson
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
Fall Theme Photo Adult (11)My Nut with George Michael Craig Kinzer
Artwork (Coloring Page) Adult (1)Meeting at MidnightJames Maglina
Best Blooper Adult (4)Fall Gets in Your EyesEsther Kinzer
Kooky Container Adult (3)Buster Halloween Pic 4Cynthia Stuart
Best Craft Adult (1)Homemade TP Pinata for Pet Rat EnrichmentAylett Priest
Best Craft Youth (3)Mishka+MishaAnneliese Fellows
Updated November 25, 2022