American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Rat & Mouse Links - Fun & Misc. Sites
  • Fun & Miscellaneous Sites
  • Pet Sitters International - The world's leading educational organization for professional pet sitters since 1994. Includes rats and mice.
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance - The Nation’s #1 Pet Medical Insurance Plan. Includes mice and rats in their plans.
  • Artwork/Cards/Posters/Fabric/Photography:
  • Collectables/Gifts/Figurines/Plush/Garden/Felted:
  • Felted
  • Bo Handmade Art - handmade felted art from Bulgaria; has cute felted mice
  • Busy Bee Studio - cute felted mouse figurines by Helen Charlton in Durham, U.K.
  • The Drawing Room - artist Mairi Fraser makes felted and linen mouse figurines in Inverness, U.K.
  • Felteko Arts - Hand felted mouse figurines made by Neko Seabridge in Kent, U.K.
  • Image of the Hearts - Unique collection of handmade felted crafts in Sri Lanka; has cute felted mice
  • Mumsey’s Mouse House - Handmade collectible felt mice Christmas ornaments designed to be heirlooms made in the U.S.A.
  • Figurines & Sculptures
  • Plush & Stuffed
  • Garden
  • Misc. Collectable & Gifts
  • Jewelry:
  • Cartoons/Animated:
  • Movies:
  • General Fun Sites:
  • Creatures and Critters - Find, buy & sell animals, pet supplies, and services.
  • Pet Rodents - Has games, forum, mouse genetics, etc. for many types of small rodents.
  • PetStation - The Guide To Natural & Enlightened Pet-Keeping. The CritterStation section has links to small animal clubs and a marketplace.
  • Small Animal - The website for small animal lovers by Fancy Publications/Critters USA magazine.
  • Miscellaneous Sites:
  • Rescues
  • Pet Loss
  • Misc.
  • Record Keeping/Pedigree Software:

Updated November 27, 2023