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AFRMA Rat & Mouse Links - Veterinarian/Research & Medical
  • Veterinarian/Research & Medical Sites
  • Lab Cages and Equipment:
  • Genetics:
  • Temperament/Tameness
  • Places that do Genetic Testing:
  • Health:
  • Places to check for Veterinarians:
  • Diagnostic Laboratories:
  • IDEXX BioResearch - University of Missouri (was Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory RADIL)
  • General Biology, Care, and Housing:
  • A Home For A Mouse - by Monica Lawlor. How to care for mice in order to ensure a humane quality of life based on their needs. (archived site)
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Rat Anatomy - from Rebecca Irwin, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Tennessee at Martin. Has photos of parts of a dissected rat.
  • Veterinary - part of VIN–Veterinary Information Network; see also VSPN–Veterinary Support Personnel Network for Veterinary information
  • VWR - Sells bedding, cages (including Maryland Plastics brand), enrichment items, food, supplements and treats (including Love Mash™ for reproductive performance, medications (including doses in food tablets/food by Bio-Serv), etc.
  • Whole Mouse Catalog - Information and links for mouse research.
  • Cedar and Pine articles

Updated March 16, 2023