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This article is from the WSSF 2015 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Beginners’ Corner

Thin Mouse

By Karen Robbins

Tanya Larry Reeder, Facebook
Q My mouse Hopper is an OCD survivor. Hopper lost 2g during an OCD flare up taking him down to 20g. I can’t seem to get him to regain weight. Can you suggest anything I could try? He is fed Brown’s Tropical Carnival along with a 5 grain oat mix with flax seed. He also gets baby cereal mixed with kitten formula for extra nutrients. Hopper is very picky! I just read an article saying Nutrical would be OK. If I were to buy Nutrical, which version would I get and how much would I feed hopper? Also, can I mix it in his cereal? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A You can also try bread soaked in milk/formula, watered down peanut butter, or mix a little peanut butter in the milk/formula to soak the bread in, dog biscuits, dog/cat kibble, baby food, millet, etc.

Nutrical is a an appetite stimulant/nutritional supplement that provides extra energy in an easily digested gel that is great for thin, ill, or recuperating (from surgery) animals. I haven’t needed to buy any since they came up with different formulas so you would have to read the ingredients/nutrition levels (probably get the dog or cat version). I know rats love this stuff—they just get a tiny bit so a mouse wouldn’t need more than a tiny little dab (the rats would lick it right off the tube).

Update: Thank you. I got the cat version. Placing a tooth pick tip in it and mixing it in his baby cereal. However, he hates it. Although I believe he must of had a taste or two cause his energy level last night was up. Running, digging, jumping, and climbing. Although he is playful and active, last night was more than normal. *

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December 3, 2018