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Following are some samples of articles found in the magazines. There can also be found our regular features such as: Pres. Message, Letters, New Members, Beginner’s Corner, Colors & Coats, Helpful Hints, Kids Korner, Let’s Get Acquainted, Medical, Movie Review, Our Pets and Friends, Show Reports, Stud Names, Vet Referrals, Announcements/Ascensions/Arrivals, Stud List, Breeders’ Directories, and others.

AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales Newsletter Index 1984–1992 (PDF)

1984, Volume 1
January 1984
SALE! $2
Puzzle: Word Search. Genetics for Mouse Breeders 1, Introduction to Dominance.
April 1984
A Book Review Rats, by Martin Hart. Puzzle: Word Search. Profile–Karen Hauser. Novice Corner–Mice. Monarch Mouse.
Sold Out June 1984
Mayflower II–The Great UK/US Fancy Rat Export ’83. Puzzle–Rat Words. Woman Rescued In Apartment Fire.
Sold Out July 1984
English Rex Rat Breeding. Health Notes–English. Portrait of a Friend. Mouse Genetics 2, Breedings involving a single gene pair. Not Exactly a Volume Business.
Sold Out October 1984
Mouse Genetics 3, Characteristics of A and B series of alleles–Introduction to epistasis. A Little Rat Music. Rats Drinking Booze Carry on Like People.
December 1984
Letter. Game.
1985, Volume 2
Sold Out Jan./Feb. 1985
Puzzle. Beginner’s Corner. Our Pets and Friends. Poems. Medical.
Sold Out March/April 1985
News from England. Rat Genetics–Breeding Genetics. Rx (Medical). Profile–Jackie Jennings. Our Pets and Friends–The Legacy Of The Littlest Turd; Charlie. Poems. Mouse Genetics 4, Albino series homozygotes. Beginners Corner. Helpful Hints.
Sold Out May/June 1985
Our Pets & Friends–Marvin McMouse; Muffin McStuffin. Beginners Corner. Did You Know–Breeding Self to Hooded. Rat Genetics–Breeding Genetics continued. Puzzle. Poem–For the Kids–Cat & Rat. Medical. Mouse Genetics 5, Albino series heterozygotes and inheritance of multiple alleles. Helpful Hints. A Prospective. Short Tales. Requests From Readers.
Sold Out July/Aug. 1985
Critter Sitter. Beginners Corner. Rat Genetics–Breeding Genetics Part II. Our Pets and Friends–Sugar and Spice. Mouse Genetics 6, Blue and pink-eyed dilutions. Helpful Hints. Medical. Requests From Readers–continued.
Sept./Oct. 1985
Our Pets & Friends–Big Will. Helpful Hints. Mouse Genetics 7, Extension (recessive gold) series. Medical–Junk Food and Rats Don’t Mix. Beginners Corner. Rat Genetics–Breeding Genetics conclusion. Critter Sitter. News of the NFRS.
Nov./Dec. 1985
Rat Genetics–The Silver Fawn. Helpful Hints. Our Pets and Friends–Kitty Rat. A Note. Beginners Corner. An Intro to Rats & Mice. Medical. Mouse Genetics 8, How to get more of something “new.”
1986, Volume 3
Jan./Feb. 1986
Maze. Ideal Markings–Rats/Mice. Helpful Hints. Our Pets and Friends–Thor. News from England. Beginners Corner. Chapter 2–Feed and Housing. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 1. Medical. Medical–Eucalyptus Therapy. Poem–Rats in the Attic.
Sold Out March/April 1986
Our Pets & Friends–The Flinn Springs Rat Ranch. A Human Experience. Our Pets & Friends cont.–Aunalee’s New Pets. Pheromones and Mouse Behavior. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 2. News from England–How it all began. Helpful Hints. Beginners Corner. Chapter 3–Choosing your Rat or Mouse. Puzzle. Medical. A Comparative Study between Wild & Domestic Rats.
May/June 1986
Maze. Our Pets & Friends–Snowball; Dopey. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 3. News from England–How it all began, conclusion. Beginners Corner. Part 2–A Comparative Study between Wild & Domestic Rats. Cartoon–One Day At The Vet’s Office. Medical. Poem–Mease Mice Mouse. Helpful Hints.
Sold Out July/Aug. 1986
Our Pets & Friends–Ping Pong’s First Bath; Scruffy. An English Mouse Show. Cartoon–Din Din. Strange Phenomena. Word Search. At The Fair. Part 3–A Comparative Study between Wild & Domestic Rats. A Novel Idea. All in Good Fun. Beginners Corner. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 4. Fancy Rats as a Hobby. Profile–Norman Bauman. Letters to Sandy. Medical. Fair Comments.
Sept./Oct. 1986
Ratthing: Reflections on a Wild Rat. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 5. Beginners Corner. Amazing Story. Chapter 4–Social Behavior. Maze. Medical. Cartoon–Regal Rat. Part 4–A Comparative Study between Wild & Domestic Rats. Critter Sitter.
Sold Out Nov./Dec. 1986
Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 6. In Recommendation of White Rats. Judge’s Comments–Pet Rats. Poem–Mice Are Nice. A Tribute to “Bobbers.” News From England. Beginners Corner–Life Span of A Mouse. Maze. Ratthing–part 2. Helpful Hints. Medical–Wry Neck; Vitamin C; Rat Eats Droppings.
1987, Volume 4
Jan./Feb. 1987
The Way I do it. Beginners Corner. News from Sweden. Puzzle. News from England. Mouse Genetics–Marked Mice. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 7. The Judge’s Favorite. Medical. Puzzle. Cartoon–Regal Rat and the picnic. Ratthing–part 3. Poem–Mice. Paper Doll Rat Family cut-outs (1).
Sold Out March/April 1987
Our Pets & Friends–The Best Pet Ever. Cartoon–Wats: Wheel Users Anonymous. History of the Siamese Rat in the U.K. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 8. Mouse Genetics–The Tan Group including Foxes. What’s For Dinner. Helpful Hints–Home Made Bottle Holders. The Rat Review. Puzzle. Ratthing: Reflections on a Wild Rat, conclusion. Poem–Mouse Virtues. Connect the Dots. Medical. Cartoon–Dudley and Ratchet. Paper Doll Rat Family cut-outs (2).
Sold Out May/June 1987
Rats in the Classroom. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 9. Breeding Roan Mice. Puzzle–Rat Lovers. News from Abroad. Cartoon–Wats: Rats and Music. Beginner’s Corner–Upset With Clean Cage. Maze. Swansong at Bradford. Medical. Mouse Genetics–Mutant Genes of the Mouse Part 1. Connect the Dots–Man Made Mouse. A Poem. Paper Doll Rat Family cut-outs (3).
July/Aug. 1987
My Very First English Show. Puzzle–Mouse Lovers. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 10. How I Raise Fancy Mice. Some Fair Comments. Beginners Corner. Puzzle. Judge’s Report–July 4, 1987 English Rat Show. Mouse Genetics–Mutant Genes of the Mouse–Part 2. Medical. Cartoon–Wats: A Run of the Will Lab Rat. Helpful Hints. Paper Doll Rat Family cut-outs (4).
Sept./Oct. 1987
Beginners Corner. Our Pets & Friends–More Than We Bargained For. Mouse Genetics–The Albino Group of Mice. Cartoon–Wats: Run of the Will Lab Rat. Little Yeller’s Great Adventure, part 1. Helpful Hints. On the Subject of Rats. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 11. Medical. The Flinn Springs Rat Ranch, part 2. An Anecdote.
Nov./Dec. 1987
Cartoon–Wats: Run of the Will Lab Rat. Profile of Nick Mays. Beginners Corner. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 12. Monarch Mouse. They may not be Forever, but Rats are a Girl’s Best Friend. The Rats of La Jolla High School. Medical. Inbreeding and the Rat Fancy. Cats and Contamination. Puzzle: Rats; Mice. Little Yeller’s Great Adventure, part 2.
1988, Volume 5
Jan./Feb. 1988
Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 13. Views from the Mousing Shed. Helpful Hints–Bottle Watching. Puzzle. My Observations of an English Rat Show. Cartoon–Rats On The Loose. Our Pets and Friends–Chrissy; Pumpkin; Gretchen. Profile of Nick Mays–part 2. Beginners Corner. Little Yeller’s Great Adventure–part 3 conclusion. Puzzle–Mice. Medical.
Sold Out Mar./Apr. 1988
Stud Names. Rat Personalities–Brought-up or Bred-in, Choosing and Training Your Pet. Vet Referrals. Beginners Corner. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 14. The Way We Do It. Puzzle–Mice. A Concerned Reader. Puzzle–Rats. Breeding for Good Dispositions–A Breeder’s Responsibility. Medical. Our Pets & Friends–Gretchen and the Gang. Selective Breeding for Quality Pets. Book Review–The Handbook of Rodents in Captivity. Helpful Hints.
Sold Out May/June 1988
A Mouse of a Different Color. Rat Personalities. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 15. Puzzle–Mice. Book Review Nellie’s Story. Beginners Corner. Profile of Nick Mays–part 3. Summary of the 1988 Del Mar Fair. Our Pets and Friends–Gretchen and Molly. Helpful Hints. Medical. Movie Review.
Sold Out July/Aug. 1988
More English Mice come to California. Book Review–More Cunning Than Man, A Social History of Rats. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 16. Rat Mothers. Puzzle–Rats. Area Rep. Reports. Medical–The Health of the Rat–Part 1–Health in General. Poem–The Gray Rat. Breeding Rats–part 1–Introduction. Our Pets & Friends–Sir Lancelot. Helpful Hints–Hot Weather Tips. Poem–Mice.
Sept./Oct. 1988
Vet Referrals. Letters–Ratt. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 17. A Strong Bloodline. Breeding Rats–part 2. International News. Roan Mice–Explanation of Roan Mouse Inheritance Factors. Movie Review. Beginners Corner. Our Pets & Friends–The Little Troublemaker. Medical–The Health of the Rat–Part 2–Tumours.
Nov./Dec. 1988
Our Pets and Friends. Catalogs of Mouse Items. Psychosomatic Factors in Rodents. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 18. Breeding Rats–Breeding for the Fancier–Introduction. Vet Referrals. Area Rep. Reports. Beginners Corner. Helpful Hints–Water Bottles: The Hidden Danger. Medical–The Health of the Rat–Part 3–Respiratory Problems.
1989, Volume 6
Sold Out Jan./Feb. 1989
Profile–Tina Good, part 1. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 19. Medical–Misc.; Bloating in Rats. International News. Breeding Rats–Part 4. Our Pets & Friends–You Have A Pet What?. Puzzle. Medical–The Health of the Rat–Part 4–Other Conditions. Helpful Hints. Beginners’ Corner. Poem–Friends.
Sold Out Mar./Apr. 1989
Vet Referrals. Puzzle. Movie Review (rats in movies). Medical–Mites. Cartoon–Watman The One-Rat Knight. Our Pets & Friends. Breeding Rats–Part 5. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 20. Beginners Corner. Profile–Tina Good, part 2. History of the Standards: N.F.R.S.
Sold Out May/June 1989
Area Rep. Reports. Movie Review. Beginners’ Corner. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 21. Guidelines for finding New Show Locations. Helpful Hints. Breeding Rats–Inbreeding–Part 6. Our Pets and Friends. Medcial. Profile–Tina Good, part 3. Vet Referrals. Puzzle.
Sold Out July/Aug. 1989
Rodent Facts. News of the Northeast Rat & Mouse Club. Cartoon–Wats. Our Pets and Friends. Some Fair Comments. Breeding Rats–Part 8 (The Agouti and The Cinnamon). Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 22. Profile–Tina Good, part 4. Beginners’ Corner–Baby Shampoo For Bathing Rats. Vet Referrals. Medical.
Sold Out Sept./Oct. 1989
Pen Pals Club. Area Rep. Report. Breeding Rats–The Self Group, The P.E. White. Our Pets & Friends. Medical. Mouse Maze. Profile–Tina Good, part 5, conclusion. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 23. Beginners’ Corner–Making A Wire Wheel. Helpful Hints.
Nov./Dec. 1989
Area Rep. Report. Diary of the Great Rodent Rush Saga of 1989. Cartoon–Tales Of Rodent Kingdom (TORK), 24. Our Pets and Friends. Breeding Rats–The Self Group, Breeding the Self Black and the Self Champagne. Medical. Beginners’ Corner–Grinding Teeth. Recommended Reading.

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