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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2014

2014 Issue available online to members.

2014, Volume 31: 4 Issues in 1!
2014, No. 1–4; 84 pages
WSSF 2014
Sold Out 2014
Press Release: PetSmart Acquired by BC Partners, Inc. New Stud Names. Letters. Vet Referrals. SDAV Outbreak In Nevada. Pet Projects: Rat Swaying Planks. AFRMA Training Day. Breeding & Stuff–Type Question: Head Shape On Rats. Rats and Mice Around the World–American Rat Club. Rodent Diseases Contagious To People. Colors & Coats–Mouse Genetic Questions. Bomb-Sniffing Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Happy Rats. Shows & More–Getting Shows In Canada; Becoming A Registered Breeder Of Hamsters. Lost Baby Rats II. Medical–Zoonotic Rodent Diseases: Rat Bite Fever. AFRMA Display–2014 America’s Family Pet Expo. Beginners’ Corner–Neutering Mice; Rat Nest. Kids Q & A–10 Rat Questions. Toothless Rat. Color Me page. Colors & Coats–Beige/Champagne vs. Fawn/Amber Rats, a.k.a. Black Colors vs. Agouti Colors. AFRMA Display–2014 Duck Daze. Medical–Humane Euthanasia For Mouse. Shows & More–What Makes A Rat English?; What Makes An English Mouse? Rats and Mice Around the World–South West Rat Club (SWRC) (U.K.). Breeding & Stuff–Mom Rat Ate Limb/Toes Off Newborns. Pet Projects–Making Wood Chew Toys. Beginners’ Corner–Wire Mesh Food Dispensers; Diet Adaptation. Regretful Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Type Question: Good vs. Bad Type On Mice. Medical–Rat With Multiple Abscesses. Skin Cells=Babies. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Shows & More–Chicago Club?; Showing Pet Shop Mice. Colors & Coats–Pearl Mice. Poem: Twelve-Hour Friend. Color Me page. Rats and Mice Around the World–Rodent Club Rattonia (Netherlands). Plague Vaccine. AFRMA Display–2014 4-H Pet Symposium. Beginners’ Corner–Power Groomed Rat; Lifespan, Tumors In Rats. Medical–Eye Problems In Rodents. Breeding & Stuff–When And Why To Cull. Colors & Coats–Recessive Pearl Rats, Getting Pearl From Two Minks; Untested Recessive Pearl Rats. Housing Young Male Mice. AFRMA Display–2014 Pecan Festival. Shows & More–Mouse History Books. Antibacterial Soap. Rats and Mice Around the World–Australian Rodent Club (ARC, Inc.). AFRMA Web News. London Café Caters To Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Fighting Mice. Colors & Coats–Blue-Beige Moon Velvet Rats; Curly Rats: Velvet Or Rex? Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2014. Highlights from the 2014 Board Meetings. Show Reports. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2014 Rat. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2014 Mouse. 2014 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. 2014 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. Breeder’s Directory. Club Listings For Show Locations; Looking For Breeders Near You; Looking For Rescues Near You; Starting A Club; AFRMA Shows In Other Locations.

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