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Following are articles found in the magazines. There can also be found our regular features such as: Letters, Show Reports, Stud Names, Breeders’ Directories, and others.

1996, Volume 13
Jan/Feb 1996
Vet Referrals. Rat Health Food. Book Reviews: The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot, Your First Mouse by Nick C. Mays. Genetics for Mouse Breeders–11. Combining Genes: dominant to recessive; recessive to recessive. The First Five Weeks. Beginners’ Corner–Exercise Wheels; Salt Licks. My Rat Collection. Poem–Ode To Sani-Chips®. Cartoon–Rattitudes. The Black Rat. Our Pets & Friends–Porkchop, part 3, conclusion. The Humble Rat. Pet Projects–Cookies/Treats, Toy Tip. Medical–Head Tilt, Eye Problem Comments, Itching, Pain Medications for Rodents by Carmen Jane Booth, D.V.M.; Eplipsy in Rats. Helpful Hints–Cardboard Tubes for Play and Houses. Colors & Coats–Odd-eye rats update. Tribute to Littlefoot.
SALE! $2 March/April 1996
Pet Registry. The Year of the Rat. Genetics for Mouse Breeders–12. Satin, Long Haired, Frizzie; combining genes: more about recessive to recessive. How We Got Started. Book Reviews: Adventures of the Rat Family by Jules Verne, Redwall by Brian Jacques. Medical–Raising Newborn Rats/Mice Update, Reovirus 3. There’s Always Room For One More. Pet Projects–Critter Kabobs, Toy Tip–Thrift Shops. Colors & Coats–Frizzie Mice. Critter Critiques–Critter Country Litter. The Blue Rat. How I Got Started.
SALE! $2 May/June 1996
Vet Referrals. Displays, Displays, Displays! Genotypes of MRBA Mice. Expedition to L.A.’s Chinatown. Critter Critiques–Gentle Touch™ Bedding. Rats and Mice Around the World–The National Mouse Club. Pet Projects–Buried Treasure. Breeding & Stuff–Inbreeding; Problems with Rat’s Litter. Medical–Spaying Rats. The Siamese Rat. Too Young-Too Soon. Syncopated Rats. Colors & Coats–Mouse Color Question; Unusually Colored Rat.
SALE! $2 July/August 1996
My Lie About My Rats. Working With Banded Mice. Rat And Mouse Shows In Your Area? How YOU can make it happen. Invasion of the Fur Mites! EEEKK! Breeding & Stuff–More on Problem Rat Litter; Waltzing Mice. Our Pets & Friends–Violet. Colors & Coats–Himalayan Rat; Mouse Color Questions. Pet Projects–Sumptuous Summer Salad. Puzzle–Mix Ups. Medical–Ivomec vs. Eqvalan; Dangerous Onions; Strange Rat Disease. Rat Genetics, part 1.
SALE! $2 Sept./Oct. 1996
Tidbits. AFRMA Displays. Rat Genetics, part 2. Some Fair Comments. Beginners’ Corner–New Club; Life Span of a Mouse; Trimming Teeth & Nails. Pet Projects–Rat Bathing Kit. The Human Fancy. Rat And Mouse Shows In Your Area? How YOU can make it happen, part 2. Colors & Coats–Mouse Questions; Metallic Mice; Sable Siamese. Critter Critiques: An Unscientific Look At Bedding. Breeding & Stuff–Breeding Wild Mouse; Care For Newly Born Mice; Questions From Canada: Berkshire, Tailless Rats. Puzzle–Word Search.
SALE! $2 Nov./Dec. 1996
Vet Referrals. The 12 Days of Christmas (ASCII art). AFRMA Displays. Some Fair Comments. Critter Critiques–Bedding Bonanza. Rat Genetics, part 3, Genotypes of AFRMA Rats. Travels with Squeaky: An AFRMA Road Trip. Breeding & Stuff–Postpartum Estrous; Tailless Rats; Waltzing Mouse; Breeding Age of Male Rats. Pet Projects–Apple Bobbers; Bottle Holder: Soda Can Bottle Guard. Poem–Counting Mice. Medical–Abscesses/Bumble Foot; Pain Medicine for Rats; Chloroform. Waltzing Mouse. Colors & Coats–Himalayan Rats; Fawn/Orange Long Haired Satins; Satin Rats. Our Pets & Friends–Cindi. Puzzle–Merry Christmas. Beginners’ Corner–English Mouse?; Cleaning Disinfection; Hairless Rats; Biting Rat; Vision in Mice.

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