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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2010

2010 Issue available online to members.

2010, Volume 27: 4 Issues in 1!
2010, No. 1–4; 96 pages
WSSF 2010
Sold Out 2010
Thank You to our 2010 O.C. Fair Helpers. New Stud Names. Letters. Rat Soup. Rat Breeding: Part 1, Biology. (on the N.F.R.S. web site) Critter Critiques–Super Pet® Habitat Defined Home for Rats Cage Review. Mouse Bones. Beginners’ Corner–Terrified Rats; Needs Rat Info for Young Daughter. Book Review–Fancy Rats, A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual. Medical–Leptospirosis in Pet Rats? Colors & Coats–Splashed Mice; “Tri-Color” Mice; Tri-Color/Calico Mice. Rats and Mice Around the World– South African Rat Fan Club. Color Me page. Breeding & Stuff– Male Rat Won’t Breed. Transgenic Mice & Tricolors. Bilingual Rats. Pet Projects: Making AFRMA Rat Show Boxes. Beginners’ Corner–Where to Sell; Pet Trade vs. Reptile Food. Medical–Rat with Cocked Head; Rat with Inner Ear Infection; Labyrinthitis in Rats. Kids Q & A–Broken Gym. Colors & Coats– What Kind of Marking Rat; Marked Rat Genetics; Breeding Hooded Rats. Book Review–The Complete Guide to Rat Training. Bone Marrow. Rat Breeding: Part 2, Breeding for Exhibition. (on the N.F.R.S. web site) AFRMA Web News. Separation Anxiety. Breeding & Stuff–Wants to Become a Rat Breeder. Rats and Mice Around the World–Cambridgeshire Rat Club (U.K.). Color Me page. Colors & Coats–Argente Creme Mice. Argente Mice. Medical–Baytril to Pregnant/Nursing Rats?; Scratching Mouse; Rat Poison Transfer to Babies? Beginners’ Corner–Transfer Container, Mouse Questions; Needs Mouse Lab Cages. Book Review–Rat, Animal Series. Electrician’s Helper. Pet Projects: Making AFRMA Mouse Show Boxes. Breeding & Stuff–Breeding Ages & Weights of Rats. Virus Makes Color. The Grand Old Lady of Mice. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Make it a Large. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2010. AFRMA Display–2010 Orange County Fair. Critter Critiques–Purr & Simple™ Litter Review. Rats and Mice Around the World–Primary organization of breeders of small rodents - laboratory rats (Základnej organizácie chovatel’ov drobných hlodavcov - laboratórne potkany - ZOCHDH). Beginners’ Corner–Online Shows; Registering For A Show; What Kind of Cage to Show In; Sick at Shows. Medical–Ivermectin to Treat Ringworm? Colors & Coats–Color Change Rats; Color Variation in Rats; What Color Rat? Breeding & Stuff–Mother Mice Eat Babies?; Baby Rats Not Growing. Protein, not Carbs. Color Me page. Book Review–Rats! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Animal Hoarding. Colors & Coats–Curly Tailed Rat. Renewable Mice. Highlights from the 2010 Board Meetings. 2010 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. 2010 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. Show Reports. Club Listings For Show Locations. Looking For Breeders Near You. Breeder’s Directory.

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