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Following are articles found in the magazines. There can also be found our regular features such as: Letters, Show Reports, Stud Names, Breeders’ Directories, and others.

1998, Volume 15
SALE! $3 Winter 1998
Tailless Rats Featured
Vet Referrals. The Odd Couple. Tailless Rats. Critter Critiques–Green Pet Products Inc. Travels with Sunny: AFRMA Road Trip 1997. Breeding & Stuff–Creating Tailless Mice; Creating Tailless Rats. Colors & Coats–Creating Various Coat Colors; Dumbo Rex Tailless Siamese? Our Pets & Friends–“Home Is Where The Heart Is.” Beginners’ Corner–Why Tails?; Allergic to Tails. The Stuffy Nosed Rat. Breeding Tailless Rats. News Flash!–Rats Rescued In Redlands; Rat Stops Production. Troubles With Tailless. AFRMA Displays. AFRMA Highlights. Medical–Longevity Study; Update: Scabs...Diet or ???; Ivermectin Treatment for Pinworms.
SALE! $3 Spring 1998
AFRMA Displays. A Bad Rap For Rats. One In A Million, The Hooded Rat. Rats Only Bark At Night. Culling, The question that has plagued the fancy for many years. Poem–Chance Encounter. Puzzle: Maze. Our Pets & Friends–Adventures with Raffins; Skeeter; More Adventures with Raffins. Pet Projects–Treasure Ball. Poem–Secrets in the Garden. Medical–Caved-in Appearance; Colostrum; Frizzie Rot. Culling: Mice. Beginners’ Corner–Missing Fur; Sexing Rats. Tailless Trouble. Breeding & Stuff–Responsible Breeding; Males with Babies. Mouse Culling. Colors & Coats–Genetics Info; Mystery Rat. Helpful Hints–Tips For Breaking Up Fights. Poem–Homey Haiku. Rats and Mice Around the World–R.A.T. Belgium. AFRMA Highlights.
Summer I
Summer I 1998
Thank You to our Pet Expo Helpers. AFRMA Displays. Caring For Orphans. Poem–Mouse. Our Pets & Friends–Ratty. Beginners’ Corner–Rat Diet. Hamsters, Syrian & Russian Dwarf Hamsters. Critter Critiques–Bonnie’s Bonz. Breeding & Stuff–Too Many Babies?; Mom Mice Attacking Babies. Pet Projects–First Aid Kit. Hamster Connoisseurs, Give Us Your Two Cents! Medical–Update on Reddy; Pep-Boy’s Problem. Rats and Mice Around The World–Finnish Show and Pet Mice. Colors & Coats–Chinchilla Rats; Chinchilla Mice; Possible Colors. AFRMA Highlights.
Summer II
SALE! $3 Summer II 1998
Bugs Featured
Vet Referrals. Friends. Bugs. Beginners’ Corner–Stop The Itching; Disinfectant To Clean Cages; Rat Eats Droppings. Selling Pocket Pets. Rats Only Beep At Breakfast. Some Fair Comments. Breeding & Stuff–Female Rat’s Cycle; Trouble With Blues. Puzzle. AFRMA Displays.Medical–Mites On Mice/Flea Powder On Nursing Moms and Babies; Problem With Mites. Rats and Mice Around The World–Rodent Welfare and Information Victoria (Australia) [now The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service]. Colors & Coats–Siamese and Himalayan Mice. AFRMA Highlights. Helpful Hints–Hot Weather Tips. Announcements, Ascensions, Arrivals–Reddy.
Fall 1998
AFRMA’s South Texas Chapter. Rat Fink Retrospect. Beginners’ Corner–Male Mice Have Falling Out; Best Housing For Mice. Poem–Captain Grey. Benton The “Baby (rat) Sitter.” Medical–Aborting Litters. Rats and Mice Around The World–Australian Rat Fanciers Society. Breeding & Stuff–No Mouse Babies. Puzzle. Chito-Bandito and Chornee-McNornee, My Pet Rats–Chapter One: Being Born. Funny Story. Poem–Rat Visions. Colors & Coats–Berkshire Rat Colors. Highlights from the Board Meeting. Cartoon–The Adventures of Chito ’n’ Chornee.
Holiday 1998
Pink-Eyed White Rats Featured
AFRMA Displays. Home Squeak Home. Pink-Eyed White Rats; Frosty. The Pink-Eyed White Rat. Poem–The Pink-Eyed White. Rats and Mice Around The World–The Blue Rat Support Group. Kids Korner–Make Your Own “Home Squeak Home” Plaque. Puzzle. Breeding & Stuff–World Record Mouse Litter?; No Rat Babies After 4 Months. Chito-Bandito and Chornee-McNornee, My Pet Rats–Chapter Two: Childhood. Medical–Bloody Nose; Eye Discharge; Eye & Nose Discharge. Our Tailless Little Girl. Cartoon–The Adventures of Chito ’n’ Chornee. Colors & Coats–Platinum Rat Color; Silver vs. Silvered Rat Colors; Satin Rat Genetics. Beginners’ Corner–Female Rat Mounting Cagemate; Keep My Mice Happy. Highlights from the Board Meeting.

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