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This article is from the Jul./Aug. 1996 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Pet Projects

Sumptuous Summer Salad

By Nichole Royer

Summer is here, and with it comes hot weather. All of us, rats and mice included, enjoy a cold treat this time of year. My critters have always enjoyed their summer salad, and I hope yours will too.

Sumptuous Summer Salad

1 Apple
1 Banana
20 Grapes
1 Pear
½ Small melon (any kind)
1 Papaya
1 Apricot
5 Strawberries
2 Cups cooked, cooled pasta
(use small size like macaroni, or cut in small pieces)

Slice fruit into bite size pieces (fairly small) and mix together. Serve over pasta. You can also combine fruit with pasta and freeze entire mixture in ice cube trays (add water or fruit juice as needed). Once salad is frozen it can be defrosted, or served frozen as salad-pops to cool everyone down on those hot summer days. Try this one yourself—my critters and I agree, it tastes great.

Note: You can use any in-season fruits you like. You may want to vary the type and amount you use until you (and your critters) are satisfied. *

Updated April 19, 2014