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Starting A Club - Overview

Starting A Club

By Karen Robbins

One of the most common questions we get is, “Is there a club or shows in my area?” There is interest all over the country for there to be clubs in other areas that would put on shows and events, there just needs to be the people willing to get something started to make that happen. Setting up a club takes time, dedication, and the use of your own finances until you can get more people involved and the club bringing in its own money. However, you will be bringing like-minded people together and getting many rewards out of it.

To get a club started in your area, read the articles on our web site:
“Tips On Starting A Club”
“Some Ideas On Forming Your Club”

and for information on putting on a display which is a good first step on forming a club, read the article “How to Host an AFRMA Display” which has information anyone can use for putting on their own displays.

For information on becoming a formal or informal AFRMA Affiliation go to AFRMA Official Affiliations. We have a “Show Procedures” packet that has all the paperwork/files we use for putting on a show that can be used as a basis for another club to set up their own paperwork for their shows.

AFRMA is available to help in any way we can in assisting you in getting something started. If you have any questions, contact us and put “starting a club” in the e-mail subject line.

Good luck in your endeavor! *

Updated February 11, 2014