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This article is from the WSSF 2006 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Ear Set on Mice

Candy Evans, Wenonah, NJ
Q What is the ideal ear set for mice. Is it 10 & 2??

A Below are various photos showing different ear sets. “Ears High 1” has nice big ears but set too high. “Ears High” has small up ears, “Ears Low” has large low ears, and “ears 4x” and “ears 3x” have nice large correctly set ears–my opinion. I’ve found that the large ears just don’t look right too high set–they look better lower set.

One thing I read in an English publication is they wanted large “handle-bar” or “bull-horn” placement on their ears. Not sure if that is the low set (9 & 3) or what. Depends on the type of handle bars and bull horns you are talking about!

Also, the mice will change how their ears are when you have them out so you need to have them sitting naturally. Karen Robbins *

Mouse with Ears High
“Ears High 1.” This Black Self mouse has large high-set ears.
Mouse with Small Ears High
“Ears High.” This Himi mouse has small high-set ears.
Mouse with Low Set Ears
“Ears Low.” This PEW mouse shows off his low-set ears.
Mouse with correct ears
“Ears 4x.” This Lilac Tan mouse has large well placed ears.
Mouse with correct ears “Ears 3x.” This dark Lilac Satin is another mouse with large correctly placed ears.

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