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This article is from the Summer II 1997 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Colors & Coats

Reverse Siamese Mice; Hairless Rats—Special Care?

Q I just got a new female Reverse Siamese that was descended from the original pair I had. I want to revive the color, so what should I breed her to? Julie Turnbaugh, CO

A Nancy Ferris who was seriously breeding Reverse Siamese, used Ivory. The Reverse Siamese I always got came from Ivory/Beige mice. Genetically they are dark Beige/Coffee mice which are selected for white points.

Siamese Sable Mouse
A Reverse Siamese Fox.

Siamese Sable Mouse
A Reverse Siamese mouse

Hairless Rats—Special Care?
Hairless Rat

Q We purchased a baby Hairless rat today. I just wanted to know if there’s any special care we have to give her, besides keeping her extra warm in the winter and when it’s cold. I’ve heard they are more prone to diseases than furred rats. Any information would be appreciated. Danielle Hale, Fontana CA

A Most people that have Hairless rats, keep them with furry cagemates, but typically other than that, they eat the same foods and love the same treats! There haven’t been many cases of skin or eye problems with Hairless rats; they usually have more breeding problems (not able to raise their own babies) than health problems. *

Updated December 18, 2014