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This article is from the WSSF 2015 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Texel Mice (a.k.a. Long Haired Frizzie)

By Karen Robbins

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Q What’s a texel?

A Texel is a name used by some breeders for a long haired curly mouse that is usually a combination of the dominant Rex gene for the curly part plus a long haired gene (popular with East Coast breeders). The name is taken after the cavy breed (guinea pig). In AFRMA shows, all curly mice (short haired and long haired) are shown together in either normal coat as Frizzie or Satin coat as Frizzie Satin. The long haired versions will normally have the better curl as adults. There are several curly genes—some dominant, some recessive. Unfortunately, the dominant Rex gene and most of the other curly genes will lose most of the curl as adults, but we found the recessive Frizzie mice we worked with in the 1970s—early 2000s kept most of their curl. You can read more about Frizzie in Bonnie Walters’ Mouse Genetics article found in our Mouse Genetics book along with other curly genes. *

Chocolate Self Long Haired Frizzie Satin mouse
A Chocolate Self Long Haired Frizzie Satin mouse from 1981 owned by Dorothy Pena. This mouse had really long guard hairs which showed off the curls nicely.

 Fawn Frizzie Satin mouse
A Fawn Frizzie Satin mouse from 1996 owned by Michelle Collie. This adult male shows nice even curls over the whole body. Photo ©1996 Craig Robbins.

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