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This article is from the WSSF 2015 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Colors & Coats

Weird Russian Blue Rat

By Karen Robbins

Christi Rogne, OK, Facebook
Q I believe this is a Russian Silver [Silver Blue]. I want to be absolutely positive before I tag a color. His mom is Russian Blue, her mom is Russian Blue, they both carry Blue. Siamese Blue and Seal Points have been produced. Dad is Russian Blue with a light under coat, his mom is Russian Blue Variegated, grandad is Seal Point Himalayan, his side carries Blue, Russian Blue, Himalayan, Mink.

Questionable “Silver Blue” rat
Questionable Silver Blue rat. Photo from Christi Rogne.
Baby picture of the rat in question
The rat in question in better light. This is a perfect example of how lighting and where taken affects the color of the rat in the photo. In the two different photos of this rat as an adult, they look like completely different colored rats. Photo from Christi Rogne.

The rat in question in better light
Baby picture of the rat in question. Photo from Christi Rogne.

A This does not look like any Russian Blues I’ve ever seen. The baby pic looks too dark/blackish to be Russian Blue but not quite right for Mink/Lilac and the fact he has lightened quite considerably is not what Russian Blues do. He looks more frosted (tips of hairs much lighter than undercoat). The better light pic he looks more like a light Russian Blue on the top of the head but since the other is so much lighter, then he is probably molting. Russian Blues don’t normally have a lighter undercolor like Blues tend to have (these can be selected against).

The Midnight and German/Graphite Blue are both supposed to be darker than Russian Blue but are not described as getting lighter like this. German/Graphite Blue is darker than Russian Blue and has the ticking/heathering like a Russian Blue but these are different genes. The Midnight Blue is described as a very dark colour, between Russian Blue and Black in intensity and is also a different gene than Russian Blue. The Midnight and German/Graphite Blue sound very similar to each other and may be the same but I don’t know if test breedings have been done between the two.

As far as being Silver Blue, he is definitely not that either. They look more like Sky Blue but with the Russian Blue ticking/heathering and don’t change color from baby color to adult like this.

So, what you have is not a typical Russian Blue or Silver Blue. Very interesting color. He looks almost like a d’Argent with the silvered tips to the coat. Let us know if he makes any more color changes and if you get any more like him. *

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Updated May 6, 2019