American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Entry Fees and Deadlines

All exhibitors are to assume liability and responsibility to research the many zoonotic and other diseases that rodents may carry and pass on to humans or other rodents. You are showing at your own risk.

Any new animals you bring into your rattery/mousery must go through a minimum 12-week quarantine period before being entered in a show. [Effective September 15, 2018]

Breeders should be testing new stock brought in as some diseases have no symptoms.

Animals are NOT to be handled at the shows other than by the owner, health checkers, and judges.

ENTRY FEES (All Classes):

Members: $2
Non-Members: $3

[per animal/class; per pair (Matched Pair Class); per parent animal (Progeny Class); per group (Breeder’s Group)].


$2 each to rent for the day (rent 1 box per animal)
All animals are to be shown in a show box. See the Notes and Rules page #5 for details.

Payment of Entries: Payment for all entries must be received by the deadline along with your Exhibitor/Seller’s Form and list/peds of any sales animals.

ENTRY DEADLINE: 6 P.M., the MONDAY prior to the show. No phone-in entries will be accepted. [Amended 12-7-19 from Wed. to Mon. deadline]

EXHIBITORS: It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to read the entire Show Schedule and know the rules. The exhibitor is responsible for contacting the Show Secretary to verify if their entries have been received. AFRMA is not responsible for entries not received.

SHOW SECRETARY: If you have any questions or need help filling out your entry form, or to verify if your entries arrived by the deadline, please e-mail

ENTRY FORMS: Use the e-mail form SHOW ENTRIES for Regular Show entries, or PET SHOW ENTRIES for Pet Show entries. For questions e-mail

Entries may be submitted only once (as many pages as needed). Substitutions to be done the morning of the show. No entries accepted after the Wednesday deadline.

Updated January 5, 2020