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This article is from the Summer 2003 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Kids Q & A

Rat Questions

By Helen Pembrook & Karen Robbins

Kathryn A. Leach, Rose Hill, KS
QMy name is Kathryn Leach and I have recently bought two large male rats. They are the best pets I’ve ever had! I am writing to ask you a few questions, so if you could please answer them, I’d be much obliged to you.

This is the first question: My next-door neighbor has a guinea pig, and I thought my rats and her guinea pig could be friends, but I’ve heard rats don’t like smaller animals. Can they get along?

My second question: Are there any rat clubs or hobbyists close to Wichita, Kansas?

Is it legal to keep a breeding pair of rats and sell the babies to pet shops, etc.?

Once again, if you could answer these questions, I’d be very grateful.

ARats are scavengers and somewhat predatory, so I would be extremely careful when introducing adults to a prey animal. If your rats were very young, it would probably be okay as they would accept it as just another part of the rat pack, but since yours are adults, they may decide to eat the guinea pig instead of becoming its friend.

Some states require a license to breed animals for commercial sale. You will need to contact a local pet store and ask the owner or your government offices to find out. Usually a license is not required for private sales, but that also differs from state to state. Your local rat club should have that information. Also, in some states, pet shops will only buy from a broker/commercial breeder. You will need to ask several of your local pet stores to see if they buy from private individuals or only from a commercial breeder. *

August 19, 2014