American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Multiple Best Pet Winners - Mice
6 Times Best Pet: MM Spot, a Splashed AOCP Standard, owned by Abbey Matsen, bred by Helen Pembrook. Photo ©2000 Nichole Royer. MM Spot
5 Times Best Pet: KK1269-3 Blinken, a Seal Point Siamese Standard, owned by Nichole Royer, bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©1996 Craig Robbins. KK1269-3 Blinken
4 Times Best Pet: Truffle, a Lilac Broken Satin, owned by Denise Deen. Photo ©1986 Larry Ferris. Truffle
4 Times Best Pet: Bambi, a Fawn Long Hair Satin, owned by Heather Thompson. Photo ©1987 Larry Ferris. Bambie
4 Times Best Pet: Tarot’s I’m A Tommy Two, a Beige Fox Satin, owned and bred by Nichole Royer. Photo ©1998 Craig Robbins. Tarot's I'm A Tommy Two
4 Times Best Pet: LM Sprinkles, a Chocolate Splashed Standard, owned and bred by Gina Hendricks. Photo ©2001 Helen Pembrook. LM Sprinkles
3 Times Best Pet: RN Moka, a Chocolate Self Standard, owned by Kelli Carson, bred by Nancy Ferris. Photo ©1995 Larry Ferris. RN Moka
3 Times Best Pet: LM Chocolate Mousse, a Chocolate Splashed Standard, owned and bred by Gina Hendricks. Photo ©2002 Craig Robbins. LM Chocolate Mousse
3 Times Best Pet: KJE Socrates, a P.E. White Self Frizzie Satin, owned by Tamara Bagnall, bred by Kenny Earls. Photo ©2005 Karen Robbins. KJE Socrates
3 Times Best Pet: BSR Taylor, a Champagne Self Standard, owned by Brandon Shearer, bred by Carol Lawton. Photo ©2008 Karen Robbins. BSR Taylor
3 Times Best Pet: Charlie, a Fawn Banded Long Hair Satin, owned by Connie Van Doren. Photo ©2011 Karen Robbins. Charlie
March 3, 2016