American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Multiple Best Pet Winners - Rats
5 Times Best Pet: Jelly Bean, a Black Hooded Standard, owned by A. J. Ramirez. Photo ©2009 Karen Robbins. Jelly Bean
4 Times Best Pet: Nevada, an Agouti Standard, owned by Shanda Mertens. Photo ©2003 Karen Robbins. Nevada
3 Times Best Pet: LM Rocky, a Russian Blue Standard, owned and bred by Gina Hendricks. Photo ©1996 Craig Robbins. LM Rocky
3 Times Best Pet: I’ve Been Spotted “Spottie Guy”, a Black Blaze Variegated Standard, owned by Nancy Ferris. Photo ©1997 Craig Robbins. I've Been Spotted
3 Times Best Pet: PBR Gusto, a Blue Self Standard, owned by Gina Hendricks, bred by Celeste Robinson. Photo ©2000 Helen Pembrook. PBR Gusto
3 Times Best Pet: DeD, a Black Berkshire Standard, owned by Abby Matsen. Photo ©2001 Nichole Royer. DeD
3 Times Best Pet: HGLR Hurley, a Russian Blue Agouti Standard, owned and bred by Connie & Ken Van Doren. Photo ©2009 Karen Robbins. HGLR Hurley
3 Times Best Pet: DBR Little Chitter, a Black Variegated Standard, owned and bred by Lisa Jarosek. Photo ©2013 Karen Robbins. DBR Little Chitter
3 Times Best Pet: RR07 RRR57G3 Quartzbelly, a Black Irish Standard, owned by Arron Johnson, bred by Kimberly Millspaugh. Photo ©2014 Karen Robbins. RR07 RRR57G3 Quartzbelly
3 Times Best Pet: OS01 KK2198-2 Beatrix, 08-14-2015, a Russian Blue Berkshire Standard, owned by Irina Zabula, bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©2016 Craig Kinzer. OS01 KK2198-2 Beatrix, 08-14-2015
3 Times Best Pet: BWR-IV-10-2015-F33 Spot, an Agouti Dalmatian Standard, owned by Abigail Housel, bred by Nicole Housel. Photo ©2016 Craig Kinzer. BWR-IV-10-2015-F33 'Spot'
Updated October 18, 2017