American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Rat & Mouse Note Cards

(4¼ x 5½ inch size)

Black/White or Color (includes envelope; blank inside)

Rat Cards

Best Friends
Best Friends (B/W)
2 Rats
2 Rats (B/W)
Blackie (B/W)
Cute (B/W)
Flowers (B/W)
Hands (B/W)
Standing Rat
Standing Rat (B/W)
Rat (B/W)
Rex Rat
Rex Rat (B/W)
Siamese Rat
Siamese Rat (B/W)
Tailless Rat
Tailless Rat (B/W)
Young Rat
Young Rat (B/W)
Washing Rat
Washing Rat (B/W)
Blaze Rat
Blaze Rat (Color)
Dalmatian Rat
Dalmatian Rat (Color)
English Irish Rat
English Irish Rat (Color)
Hairless Rat
Hairless Rat (Color)
Happy Hooded
Happy Hooded (Color)
Seal Point Siamese Rat
Seal Point Siamese Rat (Color)
Squint (Color)
Rat Flower
Rat Flower (Color)
In The Company of Rats
In The Company of Rats (B/W)
Rat Lady
Rat Lady (Color)
Rat Person
Rat Person (Color)
Rats Around the World
Rats Around the World (Color)
Happy Birthday (Color)
inside reads:
Have a Happy Happy Day!
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year:
Year of the Rat (Color) New!

Mouse Cards

Sleeping Mice
Sleeping Mice (B/W)
Banded Mouse
Banded Mouse (Color)
Brindle Mouse
Brindle Mouse (Color)
Broken Marked Mouse
Broken Marked Mouse (Color)
Champagne Mouse
Champagne Mouse (Color)
Dutch Mouse
Dutch Mouse (Color)
Even Marked Mouse
Even Marked Mouse (Color)
Fawn Satin Mouse
Fawn Satin Mouse (Color)
Frizzie Satin Mouse
Frizzie Satin Mouse (Color)
Hairless Mouse
Hairless Mouse (Color)
Rump White Mouse
Rump White Mouse (Color)
Tan Mouse
Tan Mouse (Color)

Christmas Cards

Rat Note Card
Santa (Color)
Rat Note Card
Skiing (Color)
Rat Note Card
Stocking (Color)

Black/White: $2.84 ea. or 10 for $11.91 (all same B/W or mix/match B/W)
Color: $3.36 ea. or 10 for $17.09 (all same color or mix/match color)
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Updated September 7, 2021