American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Etiquette

Rat and Mouse Show DOs and Don’ts

  • DOs
  • DO bathe and groom your rats before a show.
  • DO arrive early.
  • DO lend a hand setting up.
  • DO take your animals out of their carriers and hand them to the Health Checker—this is less stress on the animal and prevents the Health Checker from getting nipped.
  • DO ask the Show Secretary any questions you need answered.
  • DO be friendly and courteous to other exhibitors.
  • DO ask questions and make friends.
  • DO listen for your animal’s class to be called.
  • DO ask the judges questions when they are between classes or through judging.
  • DO show good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.
  • DO congratulate winners.
  • DO accept congratulations gracefully.
  • DO lend a hand wherever you can.
  • DO have a fun day and a great time!
  • DON’Ts
  • DO NOT pluck, dye, or otherwise alter the appearance of your animals—they will be disqualified.
  • DO NOT bring sick animals to a show.
  • DO NOT argue with Health Checkers. They are doing their job for the health and benefit of all the animals at the show.
  • DO NOT expect the Show Secretary to sort through all your entries the morning of the show and then put them in their proper classes (time is limited).
  • DO NOT touch other people’s animals.
  • DO NOT be loud or disruptive while near the judging table.
  • DO NOT speak to the judges while they are judging.
  • DO NOT ever disagree or argue with a judge about the placement of an animal. This is considered the worst breach of etiquette at any animal judging event.
  • DO NOT storm away from the judging table if you do not win.
  • DO NOT say or do anything to let the judge know which animal is yours.
Updated October 4, 2018