American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Secretary

The Show Secretary needs to be good with computers and paperwork and be organized. The AFRMA Show Secretary uses Excel and Word to make up the forms, paperwork, and judging cards. The entries are done via our online entry system.

  • Receive the show entries
  • Notify exhibitors of any additional paperwork or information needed to complete their entries or sales
  • Make up the judging cards and forms needed prior to the show
  • Place the judging cards in judging order
  • Act as Show Secretary at the show by making substitutions, handing out slips, rent/sale boxes, answering questions
  • Collect any fees at the show and turn them over to the Secretary-Treasurer at the show
  • Fill out the Show Winners Sheets, Judges’ Comment sheets, etc., during the show
  • Perform other duties as usually pertain to the position.
  • Follow the Show Secretary Guidelines as listed in the AFRMA Show Regulations and Standards book
July 10, 2016