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This article is from the WSSF 2015 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Buying Mice At A Show; Wants To Know More About Mouse Shows; Phoenix Shows

By Karen Robbins

Buying Mice At A Show

Chantel Lee, WI, Facebook
Q The shows they hold, are they only in California, and can you buy mice at these shows like you can at reptile shows?

A AFRMA shows are all held in southern California. To see when and where our next show is going to be, go to our Show Date page. There usually aren’t mice for sale at our shows since there isn’t a demand for them from the public coming to visit our shows looking to purchase new pets as there are for rats. If you are looking for pet mice, you would need to contact the breeders ahead of time so they can bring mice to the show for you.

There have been shows held on the East Coast off and on in the past by various clubs, and the groups now (Fancy Mouse Breeders Association and the United Mouse Club) have their shows in different locations on the East Coast and Midwest areas. You would need to contact them to see if they have mice for sale at their shows, along with finding when/where their shows are being held.

Wants To Know More About Mouse Shows

Chantel Lee, WI, Facebook
Q If you show mice or have a lot of experience with mice, please let me know. I would like to become more aware of the shows and stuff.

A To start learning about showing at AFRMA shows, you can visit the AFRMA Rat & Mouse Info pages and Show Info pages to read the many articles on showing, judging, classes, etc. We have a basic article on How to Show that gives an overview of what to expect at an AFRMA show.

Showing mice in other clubs is similar though they may have different classes that are judged and not all will have the fun pet classes. Shows offer an opportunity for mouse breeders and fanciers to get together on a regular basis with others that share their passion, share stories or their latest litter results, or show off a new color they are working on, purchase or sell stock, educate new owners on keeping and showing mice, as well as participate in the competition classes to see who has the best mouse of the day! These events run all day and some clubs will have other activities going on for the public to participate in, have a sales booth of club items or have other sales booths set up by exhibitors where you can buy books, mouse food, t-shirts, craft items, or other mousey items for your pets or yourself.

Phoenix Shows

Amanda Dutro, Facebook
Q Will there ever be any shows or gatherings in the Phoenix area?

A It is only about a 4 hour drive to our shows in Riverside, CA, so we encourage you to come to our shows here! You can read the article AFRMA Shows in other areas for info on what is required to have AFRMA come to Phoenix or other areas and put on a show. We just need someone to take charge in their area and get something set up so we can put on shows in other areas. Anyone can put on a display or get-together in their area. Displays can be put on at your local pet shop, feed store, vet office, library, etc., where you set up a table with some literature, rats and mice, and talk to the public about your pets. Informal get-togethers can be done in your home or local park or community center. These can be where you just have a bunch of local rat/mouse lovers come and visit and show off their pets, share stories, tips and tidbits, etc.; or have a luncheon with like-minded people; have a craft activity or costume contest at your get-together. Informal get-togethers can become the start to eventually having a formal show in your area since you are getting your core of fanciers established in your community/state. *

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December 3, 2018