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This article is from the WSSF 2013 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.


Special Broccoli

Did You Know?  Specially grown broccoli and broccoli sprouts produced for experimental purposes that contained hundreds of times more selenium than commercial varieties, protected laboratory rats against mammary tumors and precancerous lesions in the colon. The rats were given a human dose of approximately 200 mcg of selenium daily (about 3 times the RDI). It has been found that humans taking a 200 mcg selenium supplement can reduce the incidence of several types of cancer but will not reverse tumors once they develop. Further study is required to see if these recent findings translate to humans.

In a more recent study, broccoli sprout extract reduced bladder cancer in rats by 70 percent with no toxicity from the extract. The next step is to see if it can fight bladder cancer in humans.

August 5, 2015