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This article is from the WSSF 2015 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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By Karen Robbins

Joy Antoniazzi Zingaro, Facebook
Q Any fairs near Pennsylvania?

A Most states have county and state fairs—you would need to check your county to see if they have one. There are also several Pet Expos put on by various companies around the country (do a search for pet expo or small animal expo and your state). There is the National Pet Expo held in March in PA. There are also ones put on all over the country by Amazing Pet Expos (they have several on the East Coast including Philly [Philadelphia, TBD on date and location]). Super Pet Expo has two on the East Coast—NJ and VA. Family Pet Shows has one listed for January 2016 in PA. York Reptile & Pet Expo is in PA with their next event in November 2015. Others are Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Central PA Pets Expo, and Jenks Productions with Pet Expos in CT and RI, among others. These pet expos or county/state fairs are good places for a group to put on a display/show to get more interest in their area. These events draw a lot of local people so getting the word out about rats and mice as pets and show animals to many interested people can be done in a short amount of time.

There are also private groups/clubs/rescues that put on pet expos/sales events/shows. There used to be a RodentFest in PA (Leesport/Reading) or MD (Rising Sun/Cecil county) put on by The Rodent Club that was then replaced with the Southeast PA Small Animal Expo in 2014 that also usually had a mouse and/or rat show. However, there was no show for 2015 that I could find.

If you are looking for mouse shows on the East Coast, try the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association (FMBA) to see if they have any shows in your area.

At this time there is no official club on the East Coast for rats. To start one up, check our Facebook Note Starting a club... (also on web site). *

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Updated October 29, 2019