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AFRMA Spottie Guy Award

The Spottie Guy memorial award is given in honor of Nancy Ferris’ special rat “Spottie Guy.” The Spottie Guy memorial award will be given to the rat winning the largest number of pet classes during the year (January–November). Only Best Pet classes will qualify, none of the “other” pet classes will count. It will serve as a perpetual trophy, being handed down to a new winner each year.

“The little rat who in his short life gave more love than many others in a few years.”

Past Winners   Current Year

The Original Spottie Guy Trophy
The New Spottie Guy Trophy

Read Spottie Guy’s story.

Spottie Guy Past Winners.

Year Won Rat’s Name Owner
1998 Tarot’s Simply Simon Nichole Royer
1999 TTRM June The Waldrop’s
2000 PBR Gusto
PBR Gusto 2000 Winner
Gina Hendricks
2001 RR Snuffy’s Raggamuffin
PBR Ethyl
Bronwyn Larkins
Susan Pasqualetto
2002 Tarot’s Simply Dapper
Nichole Royer
Shanda Mertens
2003 BSR Zhivago
Gina Hendricks
Katelyn Mertens
2004 no winner no winner
2005 no winner no winner
2006 no winner no winner
2007 no winner no winner
2008 Frodo
HGLR Agate
Richard Young & Erika Major
Connie & Ken Van Doren
A.J. Ramirez
2009 HGLR Hurley Connie & Ken Van Doren
2010 Jelly Bean A.J. Ramirez
2010 Winner
2011 no winner no winner
2012 DBR Little Chitter
DBR Little Chitter 2012 Winner
Lisa Jarosek
2013 no winner no winner
2014 RR07 RRR57G3 Quartzbelly Arron Johnson
2015 MBLU Athena
MBLU Athena 2015 Winner
Kaily Porter
2016 Adult OS01 KK2198-2 Beatrix, 08-14-2015
OS01 KK2198-2 Beatrix, 08-14-2015 2016 Adult Winner
Irina Zabula
2016 Youth BWR-IV-10-2015-F33 Spot Abigail Housel
2017 Adult OS01 KK2199-2 Irma, 08-16-2015
OS01 KK2199-2 Irma, 08-16-2015, 2017 Adult Winner
Irina Zabula
2017 Youth BWR Blacko
BWR Blacko 2017 Youth Winner
Abigail Housel
2018 no winner no winner
2019 no winner no winner
2020 Adult OS01 KK2313-3 Inge, 14-01-2019
OS01 KK2313-3 Inge, 14-01-2019, 2020 Adult Winner
Irina Zabula
2020 Youth FRN Diaz Tatum Kap
2021 Adult OS01 KK2354-2 Ronja
OS01 KK2354-2 'Ronja', 2021 Adult Winner
Elena Nikora
2022 no winner no winner
2023 no winner no winner

Spottie Guy Award
AFRMA Best Pet of the Year 2024
February 3 AdultOSO1 KK2404-B Orion, 04-04-22Irina Zabula
May 25 AdultOSO1 KK2404-B Orion, 04-04-22Irina Zabula

Rat Stud Names

3DR=3D Rattery/Tatum & Jackie Kap
BSR=Blue Shuze Rattery/Blue Shuze Rodentry/Carol Lawton
BWR=Black Wolf Rattery/Nicole Housel
CPA=Cutie Pie Acres/Jackie Grissafi
DBR=Doll Baby Rattery/Lisa Jarosek
FLY=Ratterfly Rattery/Janell McMorran
FOTR=Fellowship Of The Rodents/Myka Loren Cummings
FRN=The Fancy Rats’ Nest/Kirsten Norris
HGLR=Happy Go Lucky Rattery/Connie & Ken Van Doren
JRPR=Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery/Jozzette & Mike Hagemann
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
LTNT=Tapntune Rattery/Lisa Tapusoa
MBLU=Misty Blue Rattery/Jeannine Porter
PBR=Phi Beta Rattery/Celeste Robinson
RAMR=Rattie & Mattie’s Rattery/Amanda Lacy
RNBW=Rainbow Rats Rattery/Hunter & Dylan Loy
RR=Rampant Rodents/Bronwyn Larkins
RRR=Ratty Rat Rattery/Kimberly Millspaugh
RVEN=Raven Rattery/Alexa Nakamura
SQKN=Squeakin’ Pups/Eliza Porter
Tarot’s=Tarot’s Rattery/Nichole Royer
TTRM=Tiny Toes Rats & Mice/Richel & April Waldrop
WKBN=Wrinkle Bean Rattery/Crystal Gruetzmacher

Updated June 3, 2024