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Fancy Mouse Genes, Alphabetical Name Listing

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AgoutiAA or Aa (i.e. A–)
Agouti: BlueAA dd
Agouti: Blue: pink-eyedAA dd pp
(Argente Creme)
Agouti: DoveAA bb dd
(Blue Cinnamon)
Agouti: white belly Aw (Aw gene causes white or yellow bellies; a.k.a. AL light-bellied Agouti)
Albinocc (covers up the actual color/marking so can be either an agouti-based or black-based color; a.k.a. P.E. White)
ArgenteA– pp
Argente: BlueAA dd pp
Argente: ChampagneAA bb pp
Argente: DoveAA bb dd pp
Argente CremeAat cchcch pp or AA cchcch pp or AA dd pp (pink-eyed Chinchilla)
Beigeaa B– cece or aa bb cece
Black: dominantEso
Black: extremeaeae
Blueaa dd
Blue AgoutiAA dd
Blue CinnamonAA bb dd
(Dove Agouti)
Blue: pink-eyedaa dd pp
BrindleAvy (Avy gene causes stripes in color; Viable Yellow gene)
Brindle: Sex-linkedMobr (causes mottling/stripes in color; a.k.a. X-Brindle or English Brindle)
Broken Markedss
Broken Merlerounroun ss
Champagneaa bb pp
(P.E. Chocolate)
ChinchillaAat cchcch
Chinchilla: BlueAat cchcch dd
Chinchilla: Lemonci (ci gene has a more pronounced influence on phaeomelanin diluting the intense yellow pigment characteristic of C/C genotypes to a pale ocherous yellow color, bordering on a lemon tint; has very little if any affect on black pigment)
Chinchilla: pink-eyedAat cchcch pp
(Argente Creme)
Chocolateaa bb
CinnamonA– bb
Cinnamon: BlueAA bb dd
(Dove Agouti)
Coffeeaa cece
Color Point Beigeaa cech
Cream: black-eyedAy– B– cchcch
(chinchillated Fawn)
 aa bb cchc dd
(chinchillated Dove)
Cream: ruby-eyedAy– bb cchcch
Cream: pink-eyedAya cchcch pp or Aya dd pp or
aa bb cchcch dd pp (chinchillated Dove)
Doveaa bb dd
(chocolate blue, dilute Chocolate)
Dove AgoutiAA bb dd
(Blue Cinnamon)
Dove: pink-eyedaa bb dd pp
Even Markedss
Fawn: black-eyedAyA or Aya (Ay) (Ay gene changes agouti color to all yellow; called Agouti Yellow or Lethal Yellow)
Fawn: pink-eyedAy– pp
Foxat– cchcch or atat cece
Fox: Beigeatat B– cece or atat bb cece
Fox: Blackatat cchcch
Fox: Blueatat cchcch dd
Fox: Chocolateatat bb cchcch
Fox: Coffeeatat B– cece or atat bb cece
Fox: Doveatat bb cchcch dd
Fox: Ivoryatat B– cec or atat bb cec
Fox: Reverse Siameseatat B– cece or atat bb cece
(Bonnie Walters’ code; there are other recessive and dominant curly genes)
Frizzie Long Hairfrfr ll or frfr gogo
Frizzie Satinfrfr sasa
Frizzie Satin Long Hairfrfr ll sasa or frfr gogo sasa
Gold: black-eyedAy
Gold: pink-eyedAy– pp
Hairless: rhinohrrhhrrh
Head Spothshs
Herefordwnwn or ss
Himalayanaa chc
Himalayan: Agouti PointAA chc or Aa chc
Himalayan: Blue Pointaa chc dd
Himalayan: Chocolate Pointaa bb chc
Ivoryaa B– cec or aa bb cec
Lavenderaa bb dd pp
(P.E. Dove)
Lilacaa pp
(P.E. Black)
Long Hairll or gogo
Long Hair Satinll sasa or gogo sasa
Merlerounroun (causes solid patches on a roaned background)
Opaldd ee
OrangeB– ee, bb ee, Ay, Aya pp
Pearlaa sisi
Reverse Siameseaa B– cece or aa bb cece
RedAy– bb
Roan: recessiveroro
Roan: dominantRn–
SableAyat U–, Aya, Ayat
Sable: BlueAyat dd U–
Sable: ChocolateAyat bb U–
Sable: DoveAyat bb dd U–
Sable: MartenAyat cchcch U–
Siamese: Agouti PointAA chch or Aa chch
Siamese: Blue Pointaa chch dd
Siamese: Chocolate Pointaa bb chch
Siamese: Dove Pointaa bb chch dd
Siamese: Seal Pointaa chch
Siamese Sableaa cchch
Siamese Sable: Blueaa cchch dd
Siamese Sable: Martenatat cchch
Siamese Sable: Smoke Pearl Martenatat cchch dd
Silveraa pp (P.E. Black) or aa dd pp (P.E. Blue)
Silver AgoutiAA cchcch
Silver Agouti: pink-eyedAA cchcch pp
(Argente Creme)
Silver Blackaa sisi
Silver Blueaa dd sisi
Silver BrownAA sisi
Silver Chocolateaa bb sisi
Silver FawnAyA sisi
Silver Greyaa sisi
Spotted TanAat ss, at– ss,
(plus color genes)
Spotted Tan: BandedAat Wshwsh, at– Wshwsh
(plus color genes)
Spotted Tan: Broken MerleAat rounroun ss, at– rounroun ss
(plus color genes)
Spotted Tan: HerefordAat wnwn, at– wnwn
(plus color genes)
Spotted Tan: Rump WhiteAat Rwrw, at– Rwrw
(plus color genes)
Spotted Tan: VariegatedAat Ww, at– Ww
(plus color genes)
Squirrelcchcch dd
(Blue Chinchilla)
Tan: AgoutiAat
Tan: ArgenteAat pp
Tan: Blackatat
Tan: Blueatat dd
Tan: Champagneatat bb pp
Tan: Chocolateatat bb
Tan: CinnamonAat bb
Tan: Doveatat bb dd
Tan: Lilacatat pp
Tan: Pearlatat sisi
Tan: Roanatat roro
Tan: Silveratat pp or atat dd pp
Tan: Silver Blackatat sisi
Tan: Silver Greyatat sisi
Tan: Splashedatat Tg–
VariegatedWw or Ss Ww
Varitint-waddlerVa– (gene causes a tri-colored coat, deafness, and circling defect)
White: pink-eyedcc (albino; covers up the actual color/marking so can be either an agouti-based or black-based color) or cece pp or cec pp or chch pp or chc pp. Note: extremely diluted P.E. Self colors or a P.E. Marked with all markings bred off can look like a P.E. White
White: black-eyedcec, Ay– cece, A– B– cec, cece ee, ss, Ww, ss Ww

Note: Capital letter=dominant genes unless otherwise noted; lower case letter=recessive genes

“–” means that either the dominant or recessive allele could occupy that space without affecting the outcome

Note: Lilac U.S. = Dove U.K. (P.E. Black), Dove U.S. = Lilac U.K. (Chocolate Blue or Dilute Chocolate)

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Updated September 26, 2021